Monday, May 16, 2011

Do your ''issues'' seem more visible, than ever before ?

Does it seem as though for the first time in your life every issue, bad habits, false perception, unspoken truth, other people's issues, your morals and values are put to the test ? Does it seem as though lately you are continuously cleaning out emotional baggage, healing and dealing with issue from your past ? Are you questioning who you are, and what the heck you are doing here ? Does it seem as though every little issue you had with yourself is being brought into the light to heal and become balanced ?

This is because it is really happening. You see when you start to wake up, and realize who you really are as a spiritual being, it's like someone has turned up the lights for you. I read this somewhere and the author could not have said it any better......'' imagine you had all your belongings in storage, for as long as you have been living, and this storage room has always been lite with a 40 watt light bulb. For all these years you have been seeing all your ''stuff ''with only minimal light. Now, recently someone has gone in there and replaced your 40 watt light bulb with a 100 or 120 watt light bulb.

What happens now ?

You see all the dirt and dust in, and around all your ''stuff.'' Everything is lite up so brightly now you can see what you could not see with the lights dimmed, and once the lights are turned on, it is hard to go back or ignore the dirt. There is a strong desire to clean up this dirt and dust that has accumulated over your life time. It seems as though every corner, nook and cranny in your life is brought to your attention, in order for you to do some cleaning up.

When we begin our spiritual journey, there is usually many things that need to be brought to your attention. This is to help you let go of the old, in order to make room for the new. In other words, many old habits, thought, beliefs, past traumas, or patterns will be brought to the surface in order to learn from them, heal, and release them, holding on to the lesson learned. When we begin doing this, it is balancing out many areas in our life, sort of cleaning away what is no longer useful, making room for all the new knowledge and understanding that is continuously waiting for us to look for.

So do not be surprised, when your spiritual lights are turned up to find a little or a lot of unexpected dirt that needs to be dealt with, this is actually a good thing. By the way it's much easier and more beneficial to deal with the dirt head on, rather than trying to sweep it back under the rug, because it will keep resurfacing until you clean it up !!! ;)

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