Monday, May 16, 2011

Fair, is not getting the same as everyone eles

 We hear our children say all the time '' it's not fair, so-and-so got more than me'' or ''they got to have a longer turn'' Us adults may even find ourselves in this same frame of mind from time to time, and it was kindergarten teacher that summed this lesson up quite nicely. She said ''fair is not getting them same as everybody else, fair is getting what you need.''

What you need as an individual in your evolution or spiritual path is different than what the next person needs. We are all at different stages in our awakening. We all require more patience in one or more areas in our life. We can always look at another and think, wow it would be nice to live their life, but really how do we know what they carry around within in them ?

They may have nice cars, or a big house, some have good looks, or have perfect physical health, well behaved children, living your dream job, have a loving partner, the list goes on forever, and when you start thinking, why can't I have that, or it not fair that you don't have that, this is really a downward spiral, way of thinking.

We do not know what they really have to deal within their personal life. Although they may have the looks that you want, live in the house of your dreams, for all we know they could be living with cancer and lost both her parents at a young age, have insurmountable debt, lost a child, have a mental illness, a hidden addiction, or many other possible challenges, that you do not have to deal with.

Did you consider this when you thought it wasn't fair you don't have what they have ?

You see if your looking at what you don't have, you miss out on what you do have, for example... you may not have your dream house yet or drop dead gorgeous looks, but you may have great health, both your parents still living and maybe even a grand parent or two as well.

Fair is not having what others have. It can't be, because we don't truly know what others live with everyday. We are all equal and given what we need equally. It may not seem this way when you are going through a particularly hard time, but it is true.

We must remember when we catch ourselves, longing for what others have, that we don't even know what we are longing for, for their burdens may weigh in to be heavier than our own.

Teach our children, and grandchildren and anyone who forgets.....fair is not getting the same as everyone else, it is getting what you need.

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