Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is channeling ??

Channeling is the ability to open your mind to other beings, such as guides, teachers, angels, and alike, allowing them to speak messages through you. This is something anybody has the ability to do. You can channel someone specific or open yourself to whom ever wishes to speak through you, being from love and light. Some people may already channel without even being aware of it.

If you ever find yourself giving advice, writing, or speaking publicly and it sounded as if it were coming from a higher source or even shock yourself in how valuable the advice you gave was, there is a good chance there was someone on the other side helping you along, channeling information through you to be received by the person you are speaking with. Sometimes when channeling the person who is being used to channel the message is completely unaware for it is very subtle, other times people when channeling go into deep trances and connect with being that have very deep messages.

Having the ability to channel open the lines of communication to your divine guidance, giving you the opportunity to receive messages that are not only for you and the ones close to you, but some channeler's have given wonderful messages that have help humanity on a large scale.

If you wish to try channeling, relax and prepare almost as if you were going to meditate. It is very much the same frame of mind. Ask for protection and let it be known that you are open to having information channeled through you, of a divine source.
Keep an open mind and do not dismiss what comes to your mind, for you may not make sense, of what you are receiving a first but it may be relevant to you in the near future or even some one you know or are helping out..

Channeling is like all gifts, with practice and belief, your desire to attune yourself with this gift, in time will manifest into reality, as with anything you put your time, energy, and thoughts into.

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