Monday, June 13, 2011

Life offers opportunities, not guarantees

If life were a guarantee, what would compel us to try anything new, different or challenging ? Truth is nothing would. We would always know the outcome. Where would the mystery, the challenge or adventure in life be ?

Fortunately life has few guarantees, it is mostly full of opportunities. Glorious, wondrous, endless opportunities.  There everywhere, and I mean everywhere ! A guarantee is actually preventing you access to all that is actually possible.

Opportunities present themselves to you every second of the day, through your thoughts, actions, goals, people who cross your path and the list continues forever. You have choices to make throughout your day, and every time you have a choice, there is an opportunity. Here is an example of a situation where you may not consider it an opportunity and really it is a wonderful one......

Almost everyone has someone in their life who's argumentative or rather pessimistic. Each time you have an encounter with this person, you have the opportunity to choose how you will respond to them. Will you become annoyed with them ? Will you have a confrontation with them ? Will you ignore the behavior ? or will you take the opportunity to lovingly and compassionately speak YOUR truth to them, and respond accordingly to their reaction, Whether it be agree to disagree, or disengage from this person sending them your blessings, or blatantly choose to walk away from the situation or the person, still sending them your blessings, you have the opportunity to choose your response.

With no guarantee in how the situation will turn out, your only guarantee is that you are responsible for you response, and be thankful for the opportunity to respond in a loving and appropriate manner and if you didn't you are guaranteed another opportunity to do so.

There are too many variables in life to have many guarantees, but variables are the key to opportunities and opportunities are the gate way to experiencing everything possible. Don't look for guarantees, look for opportunities to take hold of, but don't take hold too tightly as another opportunity may be just around the corner.

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