Monday, June 13, 2011

Concerned your friends/family, aren't spiritual ?

 We all know a family member, or maybe a friend that has yet to awaken to their spiritual path, that seem to be suffering without the benefit of asking for divine guidance. Do not despair, They are receiving it whether they are conscious of it or not. Some of us are just a little further along the spiritual path than others, and there are those, who further than us. We all awaken in our own time, and once awake, evolve at different speeds.

All souls here on earth, including your family and friends, are being given continuous nudges to help them awaken fully, but you see, we have been given free will and each one of us, have to make the conscious choice to receive the guidance we are being offered. Those who choose to ignore, even resent anything spiritual, will be given much patience and continuous opportunity to see what is right in front of them, and try as you may, to help them on their journey, it is up to them to open themselves up to it, and accept the guidance being offered.

It can be difficult even frustrating watching those we care about struggle without consciously being aware of the loving guidance that is there for all of us to benefit from. It can be painful to see them suffer needlessly when there is a 'cure' or at least something to lessen their suffering.

Spirituality is a personal relationship with your divine guidance, with God energy, and as much as you wish someone to awaken to theirs, it will only happen when they choose to allow it in.

There is something you can do for them while they find their path. You can send them loving energy, you can pray for them, you can be patient with them and show compassion for their lack of understanding. Some are unaware of what they don't know, other resent what they don't understand, either way you can assist them by just holding positive thoughts of them in your heart and mind, knowing there is divine guidance, caring and embracing those who are still sleeping.

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