Thursday, June 16, 2011

100 th article....A Heart Warming Thank You !!

This being my 100 th article on spiritual topics, I would like to this opportunity to thank all of you, who offer kind words and send loving thoughts my way. I am so grateful to connect with so many wonderful people from all over the world. It is you who is making a difference in this world. It is you who is adding to the wonderful new vibration we are all experiencing. It is you who keep motivating me to write my experiences and thoughts on spirituality, in hopes to show others we are all part of something so wonderful, that it is worth your time to look deeper.

I am thankful to have the words to share with you all. I am thankful to all who take the time to read and learn about what a wonderful world we really live in and who not only try and understand the changes we are are going through, but try doing their part in the raising of earths vibration. Every time an article is read or someone puts any type of energy or belief into the raising of our vibration, it benefits every living being on this planet. It is such an honor to share this information with all my brothers and sisters on this planet.

I continue to learn on this journey everyday. It never ends. It only get better and better, and the hard times become easier and easier with deeper understanding of how this world really works. I encourage every one of you to keep searching for answers, as you will always be guided in find them. Be patient and open to how your answer may come to you. We are all on a journey and it is one where you can find yourself with a lot of questions and I am grateful for the ability to extend what I have to offer, to all of you.

God bless every one of you on your journey, and may all you prayers be answered to benefit your greater plan. May your awakening be gentle, yet rapid, and full of love and light. Hold what you know to be true in your heart. We are  more than what we have been told. We are wondrous souls, where God resides within.
May Peace, Love, Light, Laughter, and Joy be with you every step of the way !!!!

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