Friday, June 24, 2011

Don't be so hard on yourself

Nobody came here to earth with hand book or a crystal ball telling us what we need to do in order to create total happiness in your life. Unfortunately we are born with amnesia, as to who and what we are and capable of doing, and the process of learning through experience can be very difficult, if you are not aware of, how this world really works. Mistakes or a better term....learning experiences  need to happen in order to learn what would have been in the hand book, if we were ever given one.

Do not despair or feel the need to be hard on yourself for making the "mistakes" in your past, or even the ones you are currently making now. We will always have experiences that will be challenging, and we can always look within for the answer, but there will be times when we could have made a better choice. Life is such, there will always be the opportunity to make better choices, and when we consciously choose one that improves or enhances new behavior from past experience, we are learning. We are evolving.

Our famous saying...When all else fails read the hand book...this can not apply here, therefor, we must learn through trial and error. This is not to say we are alone here. There is endless help, ready to assist you, the moment you ask, but in the end, we are just here to learn, and everyone and I mean everyone here on earth has atleast one area where they struggle in some way. If you believe you deserve to be hard on yourself, then this would mean that every person on this planet should be hard on them selves too.

This is not so. Every person on this planet needs to find the love within and truly start loving every aspect of themselves, and the aspects you wish to change, well set the intention to do so, then takes step to create this and watch to see where you're guided or shown to do. What ever you do, put forth effort in your experience, and that way you will have no reason to be hard on yourself, because so long as we work hard, for the right things, things will fall into place.

Don't be hard on yourself when you make mistakes,,,,or have to keep repeating the same lesson over and over again, because life is a process and what we are doing as humans is no small task, so I ask you to please, not be hard on yourself, love your self, learn from yourself, and show compassion for your self, and always work hard in your life for yourself. Love and light to every one of you !!

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