Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Start writting your government about UFO disclosure !

loving ask any reader who is comfortable in doing so, to start writing your government for information about disclosure. Disclosure is the process in which the government will finally come out with the fact that not only do aliens, extra terrestrials, other beings, what ever you want to call our galactic brothers and sisters, exist, but are here and have been for .....well that's a whole other topic.

We as the people, can not fully understand our true existence, until we have all the information. The government knows this and uses it to keep everyone conditioned to behave and act like robots, as a means of control, while they basically do nothing but spend the money we hand over to them. Enough is enough, if more people, EVERYONE, would start asking...sorry demanding answers, disclosure would come more rapidly.

They are out there. More and more and more people are seeing them, and there is no denying what they are. They are being caught on camera all over the world. It is time for the truth to come out, it's been too long. Write letters, make phone calls, they will give you run around answers, and make you think you are crazy, This is to stop you from asking the very questions we need to ask. Ask and ask again, we need to start making some noise.

I request that we all do this in the most loving and peaceful manner, as any negativity, as we all know, will only create more of the same. So lets start sending those peaceful request for disclosure, send lots and then send more, if enough people ask, it can make a difference. May the truth be told with your help !!

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