Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LIGHTWORKERS, it's time stand up and shine !

 There is no better time than now, to start shining your light anywhere and everywhere you go. The shift into pure love that most don't understand, yet everyone is feeling, is beginning to set alot of people off balance. Relationships and friendships are ending that no longer serve the greater good of both parties, jobs are being lost to contemplate what true passions lie within, the financial stress is being felt everywhere, many are feeling emotional and physical stress and discomfort and unfortunately most do not understand why they are feeling this.

Adding to this is the energy is that of plain old negativity. As love and light starts spreading world wide, negativity will try and dim the light. Fortunately so many people are waking up so rapidly, there is much love to combat the opposite. Many people are feeling very unbalanced even resentful toward spirituality. It can be a challenging path to walk. You have to look at things within yourself and about yourself that may not be so pleasant to look at.

As this energy spreads from all corners of the world, people are feeling the need to heal parts of themselves that are very difficult to look at. There is a lot of guilt that is coming up in people, from things that happened in the past as they surface to heal and release.

This is really tough stuff and when you do not understand the process, or what is happening to you, it can feel very lonely and confusing, and of those who begin to wake up, some will return to their old ways, where they are comfortable. This does not have to happen. If all light workers stood tall and firm in what they believe, it will help all those who are feeling the pull toward love and light, spirituality, to open up more readily. Any one who has begun to awaken to the truth of who and what we are and capable of, know the turbulence it can cause in your life while you learn to heal and release those event from your past and re-learn how to see your experiences as learning tools to guide you to your greatest potential.

Light workers, indigo's, starseeds, all like-minded souls on the spiritual path, speak your truth, speak the truth. Many will turn the other cheek, some may have not so nice things to say about your truth, but that is okay. You cannot make anyone listen that chooses not to, so don't bother trying to feed it down their throat. They have to wake up to it, but in conversation, speak from your heart, they will hear you or they will not, it does not matter. It is about you speaking your truth, not whether they believe you.

Be strong light workers, we are growing by the day, our numbers and energy are growing stronger every minute, and this is from the unconditional love we are emitting everywhere we go.

I love what you do lightworkers, it is not an easy road, but for those who have been on it for a while, know it is the most wonderful road to travel. Thank you for being you.

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