Monday, August 1, 2011

Don't take it personally.

Whatever someone is reflecting onto you, is really an issue with themselves. They are acting, reacting, or behaving in a way they learned through their experiences. Whether some one taught them that behaviour or they picked it up themselves, finding it worked a few times, so they stuck with what works.

 Deep down they are in pain. From what ? There is a million possibilities. Regardless they will do unto others, what they have learned worked in the past, in order to get what they need or think they deserve. Whether it is money, attention, power, control, objects, and even love. When you find yourself confronted with one of the following scenarios, or any scenario, ask yourself what is really going on, see the bigger picture.

-If some one tells you to shut up...what they might be saying is...stop telling me something about myself that might be true, or I think about myself, even if it isn't true.

-If someone steals something from you, even if its someone you love, they are not attacking you or your stuff....what they are doing is..... feeding this illusion they have of themselves that they are not capable and worthy enough to obtain things through their efforts. They are afraid of not having....they usually take from those who are open hearted and somewhere in their soul, have a knowing that you will forgive them or they are simply crying out for help.

-If someone cheats on you in a relationship, it is not because you are not enough ....they are really saying...I am insecure and need constant confirmation that I am worthy of some wanting me, even if only for a short period, I need to have another give me their energy to supplement what I think I lack in myself.

-When someone gossips about you ....what there doing is....taking the attention off them and their shortcomings, by placing the attention on you, telling others anything about you, that will hopefully keep the attention off them.

-If some one hurts you physically...what they are trying to tell everyone is.....I am a coward and feel so low about myself that  must strike out on those, who I feel can not defend themselves. This is the only way I feel I can have any type of control in my life.

When you find yourself in an experience that effects you personally, watch for your lesson in it all (there will be one ), but remember who ever did '' this '' to YOU, did not, do it to YOU. You really have nothing to do with it, if you were there or not, they would still do... what they do. When it's not being done to you, they are dong it to someone else. Do not allow yourself to give more energy than necessary to anything done to you.

Your best bet,,, and yes this is easier said than done but it is the to learn your lesson out of the experience and then set healthy boundaries with these individuals, blessing those who put their ''stuff '' on you.

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