Monday, September 21, 2015

A spiritual non judgmental perspective on BEING or NOT BEING vegetarian.

There is so many views on eating meat and being spiritual. Even religions pick and choose the meats they eat. The opinions and beliefs of others an endless list of do's and don'ts, what is acceptable and not, how one is better than the other, giving endless reasons as to why you should do this or that. Well if you are spiritual, religious or a complete non believer there should be no judgement. You should not let other people decide what is right for your path. Many different paths exist and many spiritual practices are carried out differently in a number of areas, all over the world

Who are we to judge ? It is not our place.We are here to evolve into the best person we can and along the way help or lift up as many others as we can. Many century old faiths have strong views about animals and meat. Some are still set in their ways and others are opening up to the possibility that maybe there is another way. But in either case one should not be seen as better than the other.

Every one must choose what is right for them. There are too many long withstanding beliefs and traditions for any one group to decide what is right. If you are inclined to not consume meat and use animal free products that's ok, if you are inclined to consume meat, then worry not what others think. If one judges another they are only creating another challenge within the universe other than animals being eaten, they are creating judgement on another human and to some this is a tragedy as well.

So let others move along their path, their own way, in their own time and worry about your own choices within the path you walk. Being vegetarian is becoming a more common choice and this is great but it a choice that people will continue to make for some time and being judgmental is not going to help. This is not to say don't stand up for what you believe in or don't go out and protest because these experiences allow us to speak our truth and express our feelings.

We are all walking this journey together yet separately and we are all at different stages and just because what we find truth for us does not mean it is truth for anyone else. So be your best and lead by example in what you believe. Who knows, you may just inspire those around you instead of repelling people you could be helping. Being a judgmental, shove it down your throat, know it all......believe me, this never works !!

Love and lead with patience in your beliefs. Just Be The Change You Want To See !!!!