Monday, September 21, 2015

Tantra for couples - How to build a healthy foundation

There are a number of really good reasons to introduce tantra to yourself and your sexual relationship. Tantra is way to connect with yourself and your partner on a much deeper level therefor the benefits to this is everything from the building of trust in your relationships to allowing yourself to be vulnerable allowing new levels of intimacy that can create a oneness between you and your partner or even with yourself as you discover new depths of your sexuality. Here are a few guide lines in setting up the right partner and the basics that would keep things moving in a healthy, trusting direction creating fun and joy through your journey of tantra.

It has to be the right partner. You want to feel a bond or connection between yourself and your partner. A level of respect and trust is needed to spark that bond you eventually want to create. If there is charisma upon meeting then all the better but if not keep the communication and practices moving at a pace that both partners are comfortable with and once trust starts to mound, it is amazing how our feelings and emotions can alter from when we first met or started. You never know it may end up being the one you always dreamed of. If all else fails and you just don't feel a connection, that is totally ok !! Just be completely honest with your partner and keep your reasons impersonal. Be ok with openly communicating your feelings. This would have built and expected through the first couple meetings when you discussed what each wanted to experience. Remember you are not jumping into bed with your partner right away, this will come naturally as you progress your practices.

You have to build a solid foundation of trust. This takes time and a great deal patience during the beginning stages with your partner. For many, even most people, talking about ones most personal thoughts and feeling and expressing what their desires and fantasies are, communicating what feels good and why, is very intimating and scary as a lot of us have been trained to do the opposite. Trust will come between you and your partner as you learn to lovingly give and lovingly receive information form each other. This should come naturally allowing a natural progression in your tantric experience.

You have to prepare yourself to be vulnerable. This is huge for some, even the thought of it can make a lot of people want to run for hills but there is no rush or rules on how fast you move. The whole basis of this practice is to build a trust. When there is trust.... there is more of a willingness to allow yourself to be vulnerable and speak openly and honestly. Most likely through proper practice, you will want or crave to allow yourself to be open with your partner . There is deep connection within the partnership and as you build that, you build this amazing relationship with yourself in allowing yourself to explore and give yourself permission to feel good and express your deepest thoughts and desires, knowing you are safe and loved by your partner.

No need to rush your experiences. You need to go at a space that is most comfortable for the partner that is more apprehensive or nervous about the idea of tantric practices. The reason for this is because if one moves to quickly and the proper foundation of trust has yet to be built, then the more nervous partner will not BE fully in the present and may resent the other partner that is wanting to move faster as they are more comfortable with the practiced involved with tantra.Tantra is something that is not rushed and based on building that trust between partners. There needs to be open communication from both partners on what they are comfortable with.

Talk about EVERYTHING with your partner. Tough one for many yes, but this is a practice about being vulnerable and opening up yourself to being fully present and experiencing oneness.... so expressing what feels good, what you liked, how you are feeling and knowing it will be received in love and be fully accepted by the partner receiving what you are sharing. Remember to receive what your partner expresses to you in the most loving and embracing way. Feel gratitude and honored that they felt safe and loved in sharing information that would make them very vulnerable at the time.

Tantra is all about being you and being present. Have fun with your practices and enjoy the pleasures and new heights it can bring you in many areas of your life. We are all one and tantra can connect you and your partner on levels you never thought possible. Take your time and go with what comes naturally and always communicate if you are not comfortable and when you enjoy or get pleasure out of what your partner is offering.

Be safe and Be love !!

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