Monday, September 21, 2015

No one can tell you the "right way" to be spiritual.

There is no right way to be spiritual or proper way to practice. For every one that is unique in them selves, there is an equal number of ways to carry out ones spiritual practices. We are all going to have unique gifts and callings, we are all going to receive our guidance and signs in a unique way. We are all going to have slightly even greatly varying perspectives and truths. We are all going to be vibrating at different levels of consciousness.

Just because we do things differently and it works, does not mean that others are doing it wrong. I would suggest that whatever you are striving for or trying to learn, take in as much information as you can from as many different sources as you can and take what feels right for you or try out a variety of unique techniques and see what resonates with you, what feels right and use it.

Meditations is not the same for everyone. The position you sit in, is not specific beyond what is comfortable for you. What happens in your meditation is not the same as everyone else. We all have very unique paths to walk so why think what others do, will be specifically what happens to you or is even right for you. We must use our heart and minds to feel what is right and truth for us.

We choose our perspective and course of action through the level of consciousness we are at in the present moment, which is perfect as it is exactly where we need to be in order to move forward and continue to raise our vibration or consciousness further.

There is no right way to pray. There is no right way to smudge, there is no right way to set up your alter or sacred space. There is no right way to practice tantra or meditation, there is no right way to choose your faith and there is no right faith to choose. There is no right way to be a psychic or a healer. There is no right way to believe or perceive things. We can only choose and decide what is right for us in the present moment.

Do what is right for you, what FEELS right to you. Any subject you are curious about... read and watch as much information you can from a variety of sources and take what feels right to you. A good piece of advice is..... what ever you read or watch or whatever anyone says or teaches you, only believe to a certain extent, until you have your own experience with it. Take what you like from all your sources and tweak it to make it "yours".

It has to feel right to you in order for it to BE right for you !!