Sunday, September 13, 2015

No matter what faith you follow, All paths lead home !!

"Heaven gates" don't care if you Christian, Catholic, Shaman, Wiccan, Pagan, Jewish, Buddhist, Gnostic, or even Spiritual....... the "gates" of heaven open for every one. All paths lead home. All paths bring us to the same destination. We all come from the same place and we all return to the same place. You can believe what you will, follow what you wish, cal upon which ever God name you would like, but when you leave your body this life you will return to same "home" you always have.

All paths lead us to a place where we are understood without question. It does not matter what you stood for, believed in or whether you went to a church to connect with your higher power, sat on a rock in the middle of the forest or even in your own bedroom at end of your day as your head hits the pillow. You will still show up in the same place as everyone else.

You may have never sinned, or you may have sinned many times over, it does not matter..... all paths lead home !! You may call upon Jesus for help or you may call upon Buddha for guidance or even a Goddess for healing, it does not matter, you will receive the same greeting when you arrive at " the pearly gates '' Not one path is "better" than the other and not one path will bring you to a "better" heaven. We are all going to the same place.

Whether you spent a life time healing others or whether you suffered form life long addiction issues, all paths lead home. We all receive the same warm loving embrace and we all leave this earth and head to same loving embrace as our neighbor, priest, local thief and homeless person that roams in your area. We all go home to the place where we once again become whole and healed.

By the way, the one who will be judging us is us. We are our own judge when we get "home" We decide where we want to do better, we decide how best to learn from our experiences and how we responded to them. We choose to want to do and be better, yet we all do this in the same place. We all go back no matter what path we chose and how we carried it out. We are all loved and welcomed by the same all loving energy, whoever that may be.

Stay in your heart and follow what feels right to you. You need not worry that you wont make it back into the loving creators space. Be a good person and help others where you can. Love as much as you can and bless what you can't !! We're all going home.....See you there ;)