Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What is the meaning of Sacred Tantra

Tantra is love
Tantra is sacred
Tantra is oneness
Tantra is trust
Tantra is vulnerability
Tantra is openness
Tantra is being you
Tantra is sharing
Tantra is honesty
Tantra is communication
Tantra is sex
Tantra is not sex
Tantra is wholesomeness
Tantra is meaningful
Tantra is becoming one
Tantra is the whole body
Tantra is energy
Tantra is orgasmic
Tantra is not about orgasm
Tantra is about you
Tantra is about your partner
Tantra is about the moment
Tantra is about connecting
Tantra is about feeling
Tantra is about the body
Tantra is about the soul
Tantra is about the mind
Tantra is about emotion
Tantra is about holding
Tantra is about breathing
Tantra is growing
Tantra is learning
Tantra is patience
Tantra is about joy
Tantra is pleasure
Tantra is something we can all learn and benefit from <3