Monday, September 21, 2015

What is spiritual warfare ??

It is becoming more common to hear people talking about spiritual warfare and to some this is a very real and draining experience. Again some will say it does not exist and either way, no matter what you believe that is ok. We are all learning about the mysteries of the world together and not one person can say what is truth to another person. This is a very basic definition as to what people mean when they speak about spiritual warfare. You can explore in more detail if you decide that is something you would like or you could stop reading half way through this info and decide it's not for you. Either way it's all good !!

Spiritual warfare is a battle of "light" and "dark" energies, both trying to express their energies. Like showing us a duality, giving us the opportunity of choice. Which is another perspective some have on this issue but it still plays a role either way you look at it. People refer to the opposite energies as light and dark, positive and negative, evil and godly. No matter what you call it, both energies want to express themselves and many believe the more you express the energy vibration of love the more you will be sought out by the "lower energies" to try and stop you.

Spiritual warfare has everything to do with the times we are in and the changing of the vibration of the earth, the the people and everything around us. Even going back to biblical times the light shall prevail. So we are in a sense in the cleansing times. As we change our thoughts and beliefs and shine forth in who we truly are, the darker energies would aim to stop this as they loose power, when the light raises its vibration. So you hear of experiences where people are attacked not only energetically, physically and even cases of people being possessed.

When you hear of the priest doing an exorcism this is an example of spiritual warfare. The dark has taken over or gained control and power, so the light (priest) steps in taken power back for the victim. Banishing the lower energy form the patient.

There are a variety of protection actions one can take to combat spiritual warfare including, using affirmations or mantras, using crystals, salts, oils, even the well known garlic. You can also prayer, spells or the power of your own mind and energy.

Spiritual warfare has been going on for eons but because of the times we are living and the shift we are moving into, it is believed that the battle to gain power will continue. So whether you believe in spiritual warfare or not it pays to be a good person and shine your unconditional love everywhere you go cause you never know what lasting effect you may actually have on this planet.

Be the change you want to see <3

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