Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What is the meaning of Sacred Tantra

Tantra is love
Tantra is sacred
Tantra is oneness
Tantra is trust
Tantra is vulnerability
Tantra is openness
Tantra is being you
Tantra is sharing
Tantra is honesty
Tantra is communication
Tantra is sex
Tantra is not sex
Tantra is wholesomeness
Tantra is meaningful
Tantra is becoming one
Tantra is the whole body
Tantra is energy
Tantra is orgasmic
Tantra is not about orgasm
Tantra is about you
Tantra is about your partner
Tantra is about the moment
Tantra is about connecting
Tantra is about feeling
Tantra is about the body
Tantra is about the soul
Tantra is about the mind
Tantra is about emotion
Tantra is about holding
Tantra is about breathing
Tantra is growing
Tantra is learning
Tantra is patience
Tantra is about joy
Tantra is pleasure
Tantra is something we can all learn and benefit from <3

Monday, September 21, 2015

The ones YOU help are rarely the ones who return the favor.

The ones you help, are rarely the ones who return the favor and this is totally ok !! Here is why..... because it will come from somewhere else. Sound too simple ?

Well let me offer a perspective that may allow you to not only see where your good deeds could be payed back but also assist you in changing the resentment you may feel towards those you help and don't repay the help when you need it.

What we put out there will come back to you no doubt, what we must realize is "karma" always plays out both "positive" and "negative". We too often think, who we created the karma with, is who the karma will be returned back to us by.... and more often than not This Is Not True !!

If we offer help or assistance it will be returned at some point and it could be from any one...a stranger, friend, family member or even your local baker !! We don't know who will return what we put out to the universe, but know it will be returned,

If you look at this scenario you might find it easier to make sense of this. If you have a friend that you often lend money to, whether it be $20 or $500...... what is the likelihood you will can turn to them to borrow money ?? If they forever borrow money from others, they will not have money to lend back out, to those who they have borrowed form. When you need to borrow money, you do not go to those who don't have it but you WILL find someone you can go to or an opportunity will present itself where you get the money, if you really needed it, as everything balances out in the end. It does not have to come from those you have helped, but it will come.

Another example would be if you drive and a friend often asks you for rides, if your vehicle breaks down.... would you go to friend that does not drive and expect them to return the favor ?? No of course not, but if you need a ride something or someone will present itself in order for you to have, what you have done for others, returned back to you.

What we do for others is rarely returned back to us, in the same way, by the people we helped.

We can only trust when it comes down to it and we need help in any way, someone will be there to lend us the help we need. When we expect some one to do something for us, we can be easily let down but if we just trust we will be given what we need, when we need it, there is no let down, only exhilaration, joy and gratitude when the help we need turns up in the most unexpected ways.

The universe always provides us with what we need, we only need to pay attention to the signs, signals, opportunities and people it presents us with and take the help or opportunity when it shows up !!

No one can tell you the "right way" to be spiritual.

There is no right way to be spiritual or proper way to practice. For every one that is unique in them selves, there is an equal number of ways to carry out ones spiritual practices. We are all going to have unique gifts and callings, we are all going to receive our guidance and signs in a unique way. We are all going to have slightly even greatly varying perspectives and truths. We are all going to be vibrating at different levels of consciousness.

Just because we do things differently and it works, does not mean that others are doing it wrong. I would suggest that whatever you are striving for or trying to learn, take in as much information as you can from as many different sources as you can and take what feels right for you or try out a variety of unique techniques and see what resonates with you, what feels right and use it.

Meditations is not the same for everyone. The position you sit in, is not specific beyond what is comfortable for you. What happens in your meditation is not the same as everyone else. We all have very unique paths to walk so why think what others do, will be specifically what happens to you or is even right for you. We must use our heart and minds to feel what is right and truth for us.

We choose our perspective and course of action through the level of consciousness we are at in the present moment, which is perfect as it is exactly where we need to be in order to move forward and continue to raise our vibration or consciousness further.

There is no right way to pray. There is no right way to smudge, there is no right way to set up your alter or sacred space. There is no right way to practice tantra or meditation, there is no right way to choose your faith and there is no right faith to choose. There is no right way to be a psychic or a healer. There is no right way to believe or perceive things. We can only choose and decide what is right for us in the present moment.

Do what is right for you, what FEELS right to you. Any subject you are curious about... read and watch as much information you can from a variety of sources and take what feels right to you. A good piece of advice is..... what ever you read or watch or whatever anyone says or teaches you, only believe to a certain extent, until you have your own experience with it. Take what you like from all your sources and tweak it to make it "yours".

It has to feel right to you in order for it to BE right for you !!

A spiritual non judgmental perspective on BEING or NOT BEING vegetarian.

There is so many views on eating meat and being spiritual. Even religions pick and choose the meats they eat. The opinions and beliefs of others an endless list of do's and don'ts, what is acceptable and not, how one is better than the other, giving endless reasons as to why you should do this or that. Well if you are spiritual, religious or a complete non believer there should be no judgement. You should not let other people decide what is right for your path. Many different paths exist and many spiritual practices are carried out differently in a number of areas, all over the world

Who are we to judge ? It is not our place.We are here to evolve into the best person we can and along the way help or lift up as many others as we can. Many century old faiths have strong views about animals and meat. Some are still set in their ways and others are opening up to the possibility that maybe there is another way. But in either case one should not be seen as better than the other.

Every one must choose what is right for them. There are too many long withstanding beliefs and traditions for any one group to decide what is right. If you are inclined to not consume meat and use animal free products that's ok, if you are inclined to consume meat, then worry not what others think. If one judges another they are only creating another challenge within the universe other than animals being eaten, they are creating judgement on another human and to some this is a tragedy as well.

So let others move along their path, their own way, in their own time and worry about your own choices within the path you walk. Being vegetarian is becoming a more common choice and this is great but it a choice that people will continue to make for some time and being judgmental is not going to help. This is not to say don't stand up for what you believe in or don't go out and protest because these experiences allow us to speak our truth and express our feelings.

We are all walking this journey together yet separately and we are all at different stages and just because what we find truth for us does not mean it is truth for anyone else. So be your best and lead by example in what you believe. Who knows, you may just inspire those around you instead of repelling people you could be helping. Being a judgmental, shove it down your throat, know it all......believe me, this never works !!

Love and lead with patience in your beliefs. Just Be The Change You Want To See !!!!

What is spiritual warfare ??

It is becoming more common to hear people talking about spiritual warfare and to some this is a very real and draining experience. Again some will say it does not exist and either way, no matter what you believe that is ok. We are all learning about the mysteries of the world together and not one person can say what is truth to another person. This is a very basic definition as to what people mean when they speak about spiritual warfare. You can explore in more detail if you decide that is something you would like or you could stop reading half way through this info and decide it's not for you. Either way it's all good !!

Spiritual warfare is a battle of "light" and "dark" energies, both trying to express their energies. Like showing us a duality, giving us the opportunity of choice. Which is another perspective some have on this issue but it still plays a role either way you look at it. People refer to the opposite energies as light and dark, positive and negative, evil and godly. No matter what you call it, both energies want to express themselves and many believe the more you express the energy vibration of love the more you will be sought out by the "lower energies" to try and stop you.

Spiritual warfare has everything to do with the times we are in and the changing of the vibration of the earth, the the people and everything around us. Even going back to biblical times the light shall prevail. So we are in a sense in the cleansing times. As we change our thoughts and beliefs and shine forth in who we truly are, the darker energies would aim to stop this as they loose power, when the light raises its vibration. So you hear of experiences where people are attacked not only energetically, physically and even cases of people being possessed.

When you hear of the priest doing an exorcism this is an example of spiritual warfare. The dark has taken over or gained control and power, so the light (priest) steps in taken power back for the victim. Banishing the lower energy form the patient.

There are a variety of protection actions one can take to combat spiritual warfare including, using affirmations or mantras, using crystals, salts, oils, even the well known garlic. You can also prayer, spells or the power of your own mind and energy.

Spiritual warfare has been going on for eons but because of the times we are living and the shift we are moving into, it is believed that the battle to gain power will continue. So whether you believe in spiritual warfare or not it pays to be a good person and shine your unconditional love everywhere you go cause you never know what lasting effect you may actually have on this planet.

Be the change you want to see <3

Tantra for couples - How to build a healthy foundation

There are a number of really good reasons to introduce tantra to yourself and your sexual relationship. Tantra is way to connect with yourself and your partner on a much deeper level therefor the benefits to this is everything from the building of trust in your relationships to allowing yourself to be vulnerable allowing new levels of intimacy that can create a oneness between you and your partner or even with yourself as you discover new depths of your sexuality. Here are a few guide lines in setting up the right partner and the basics that would keep things moving in a healthy, trusting direction creating fun and joy through your journey of tantra.

It has to be the right partner. You want to feel a bond or connection between yourself and your partner. A level of respect and trust is needed to spark that bond you eventually want to create. If there is charisma upon meeting then all the better but if not keep the communication and practices moving at a pace that both partners are comfortable with and once trust starts to mound, it is amazing how our feelings and emotions can alter from when we first met or started. You never know it may end up being the one you always dreamed of. If all else fails and you just don't feel a connection, that is totally ok !! Just be completely honest with your partner and keep your reasons impersonal. Be ok with openly communicating your feelings. This would have built and expected through the first couple meetings when you discussed what each wanted to experience. Remember you are not jumping into bed with your partner right away, this will come naturally as you progress your practices.

You have to build a solid foundation of trust. This takes time and a great deal patience during the beginning stages with your partner. For many, even most people, talking about ones most personal thoughts and feeling and expressing what their desires and fantasies are, communicating what feels good and why, is very intimating and scary as a lot of us have been trained to do the opposite. Trust will come between you and your partner as you learn to lovingly give and lovingly receive information form each other. This should come naturally allowing a natural progression in your tantric experience.

You have to prepare yourself to be vulnerable. This is huge for some, even the thought of it can make a lot of people want to run for hills but there is no rush or rules on how fast you move. The whole basis of this practice is to build a trust. When there is trust.... there is more of a willingness to allow yourself to be vulnerable and speak openly and honestly. Most likely through proper practice, you will want or crave to allow yourself to be open with your partner . There is deep connection within the partnership and as you build that, you build this amazing relationship with yourself in allowing yourself to explore and give yourself permission to feel good and express your deepest thoughts and desires, knowing you are safe and loved by your partner.

No need to rush your experiences. You need to go at a space that is most comfortable for the partner that is more apprehensive or nervous about the idea of tantric practices. The reason for this is because if one moves to quickly and the proper foundation of trust has yet to be built, then the more nervous partner will not BE fully in the present and may resent the other partner that is wanting to move faster as they are more comfortable with the practiced involved with tantra.Tantra is something that is not rushed and based on building that trust between partners. There needs to be open communication from both partners on what they are comfortable with.

Talk about EVERYTHING with your partner. Tough one for many yes, but this is a practice about being vulnerable and opening up yourself to being fully present and experiencing oneness.... so expressing what feels good, what you liked, how you are feeling and knowing it will be received in love and be fully accepted by the partner receiving what you are sharing. Remember to receive what your partner expresses to you in the most loving and embracing way. Feel gratitude and honored that they felt safe and loved in sharing information that would make them very vulnerable at the time.

Tantra is all about being you and being present. Have fun with your practices and enjoy the pleasures and new heights it can bring you in many areas of your life. We are all one and tantra can connect you and your partner on levels you never thought possible. Take your time and go with what comes naturally and always communicate if you are not comfortable and when you enjoy or get pleasure out of what your partner is offering.

Be safe and Be love !!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

No matter what faith you follow, All paths lead home !!

"Heaven gates" don't care if you Christian, Catholic, Shaman, Wiccan, Pagan, Jewish, Buddhist, Gnostic, or even Spiritual....... the "gates" of heaven open for every one. All paths lead home. All paths bring us to the same destination. We all come from the same place and we all return to the same place. You can believe what you will, follow what you wish, cal upon which ever God name you would like, but when you leave your body this life you will return to same "home" you always have.

All paths lead us to a place where we are understood without question. It does not matter what you stood for, believed in or whether you went to a church to connect with your higher power, sat on a rock in the middle of the forest or even in your own bedroom at end of your day as your head hits the pillow. You will still show up in the same place as everyone else.

You may have never sinned, or you may have sinned many times over, it does not matter..... all paths lead home !! You may call upon Jesus for help or you may call upon Buddha for guidance or even a Goddess for healing, it does not matter, you will receive the same greeting when you arrive at " the pearly gates '' Not one path is "better" than the other and not one path will bring you to a "better" heaven. We are all going to the same place.

Whether you spent a life time healing others or whether you suffered form life long addiction issues, all paths lead home. We all receive the same warm loving embrace and we all leave this earth and head to same loving embrace as our neighbor, priest, local thief and homeless person that roams in your area. We all go home to the place where we once again become whole and healed.

By the way, the one who will be judging us is us. We are our own judge when we get "home" We decide where we want to do better, we decide how best to learn from our experiences and how we responded to them. We choose to want to do and be better, yet we all do this in the same place. We all go back no matter what path we chose and how we carried it out. We are all loved and welcomed by the same all loving energy, whoever that may be.

Stay in your heart and follow what feels right to you. You need not worry that you wont make it back into the loving creators space. Be a good person and help others where you can. Love as much as you can and bless what you can't !! We're all going home.....See you there ;)

What to do about the 'hard" stuff in life......

What is so hard about reaching for your dreams, no matter how outlandish and unreachable they seem ?? What is so difficult about changing what you are doing, your direction, your goals and redirecting yourself in a totally new direction ?? What is so challenging in challenging everything you thought to be true ?? What is so scary about giving up the security of where you are now and stepping into something totally new and unexplored ?? Well EVERYTHING !!

What is so scary about standing up for yourself, what you believe in, and what you stand for ??
What is so hard about having a back bone and speaking your truth no matter what others believe ?? What is challenging about stepping out of your comfort zone and not only speaking out but receiving someones reaction ?? What is it that makes you stop short of all that you are in that you hold back in fear, most likely of the unknown reaction of another person ?? Well EVERYTHING !!

What is so hard about doing the right thing ?? What is so hard about standing alone in your beliefs, knowing that you are so powerful that no one can take that away from you ?? What is so challenging in standing up against the crowed ?? What is so scary about having others judge you and pick away at your self esteem and worthiness of accomplishing anything ?? What is so difficult about standing up to those who intentionally get satisfaction in taking energy from another ?? Well EVERYTHING !!

What is so scary about taking responsibility of all you choices and experiences and acting accordingly to heal what needs to be ?? What is so intimidating about looking into yourself and seeing the stuff you don't want to see or acknowledge ?? What is it that makes you shy away from going within to really see what needs to heal within you ?? What is challenging about owning all those "bad" things you have done in the past, in order to release them ?? What is so hard to understand about the fact you are human and all humans are on a learning journey ?? What is so challenging about forgiving yourself and moving forward ?? Well EVERYTHING !!

What is so hard to believe in something you can't see ?? What is challenging about having faith in something you can't touch or hear ?? What is so intimidating about working with something untouchable and formless ?? What is so scary about working with an energy that you can not touch, see, hear or connect with in physical form ?? What is so difficult about manipulating energy and creating the life you want to create ?? What makes life so much more complicated than it needs to be ?? Well EVERYTHING !!

So what do we do about all this hard, scary, challenging, intimidating and difficult stuff ?? Well it is simple we KEEP MOVING FORWARD, NO MATTER WHAT !! Baby steps if need, even a slow unsteady crawl is acceptable !! But no matter what moving in the direction of what feels right is necessary cause in the end truly stated by many " THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR, BUT FEAR ITSELF !! " You can do what every you HEART desires, it ain't easy but it's always doable !!