Monday, December 29, 2014

10 Things to do with your crystal / gemstones

You have all these beautiful crystal and gemstone pieces and have them displayed neatly or have them in a bowl or maybe even carry them in your pocket or purse, but there are many ways to utilize your crystals energy. Here is a short list of different ways you can use your crystals.

1... Place your crystals in a pouch and choose a word that best describes what that crystal does for you. Then after mixing them up, focus on a question and pull out one or two and use the crystal to help guide you by connecting the word that describes your crystal to your question.

2.... Gather up all your crystals and separate them by color. Use the corresponding color to work with your chakras. Root = red, sacral = orange, solar plex = yellow, heart = green, throat = blue, third eye = indigo, crown = violet. Place the crystals on the chakra and picture them clear and balanced or hold them in your hand and feel the energy moving to that chakra.

3.... Cleanse your crystal by placing them in direct sunlight, under a full moon, smudging them, passing them through candle light, burying them in the ground, placing them in salt water or even holding them in your hand and have the intention of them being cleansed.

4.... There are many ways to carry your crystals with you, no matter where you have to go or where you work. You can wear them as jewelry - necklace- bracelet- ring- anklet, put them in your pocket, purse or wallet, You can put them in the top of your sock, woman can place them in your bra, place them in your car- office- briefcase, or even use a stretchy wide head band/sweatband to hold them against your skin under your clothing.

5.... Give your crystals away when you feel it is appropriate. Many crystals are meant to be passed on. If they have helped and you feel inclined to share it's energy, then do so. Good things will come your way. Crystals can be a simple gesture of love or compassion and will always find the owner that needs it !!

6.... Crystal grids are created with intention. They are strategically placed for specific intentions. They build and channel energy from crystal to crystal and emanate the energy in any directed direction. They are very beautiful and any crystals can be used,. The can be as big or as small as you would like them and can be made for endless reasons. You can find many pictures of crystal grids on Google

7....Create a tonic by placing water safe varieties of crystals in water and then drinking it or even applying to the skin. The quartz family is great for this......clear quartz, rose quartz, snow quartz, smoky quartz are safe to use in this case. Always use caution and do your research when creating any tonic as many materials including some crystal and gemstones can be toxic when ingested. The right ones can create great relief for many.

8.... You can place them in strategic locations to call particular energies to specific areas. A good example of this is placing emerald at the front door for prosperity, or obsidian outside your entrance for protection or rose quartz by your bedside for love.

9. Gather specific crystal before meditation to bring energies that are similar for your intended meditation. Whether it be a past life regression or guidance on business or a general healing. Hold them in your hand or place them around you. Many crystals have overlapping properties so there a many crystals that help with the same intention.

10... Believe in them !! The more you believe in them the more they will work.

Crystals are a beautiful addition to your life. There is endless variety and endless ways they can help improve your life. Also by doing your own research on the crystals you have, you can learn alot about many areas of spirituality !!! Enjoy <3

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