Friday, December 12, 2014

You can use Tarot Cards......

What are tarot but key words, symbols and pictures ?? They can be a gate way to your own intuitive abilities. They can trigger images and visions as you look at each card and pick up their vibrations of energy. They can open you to ideas and concepts that lead to a more informative answer. They are a tool in which you activate when you put your faith in them.

They are a favorite for some but not all have a vibrant connection with them as some would with say ..... pendulums or ruins. To each their own, and all have similar purposes in offering to trigger the guidance within in you. When you open yourself to answers, tarot can add more detail to your answers by giving words that symbolize a deeper meaning or pictures that fertilize visual images that grow in your mind.

Two cards that are commonly misunderstood are the death card and tower card. Let me re-assure you they most often mean new beginnings and releasing of old energy. Such as re-evaluating your life at different times and the challenges it can bring with making the changes needed. The death and destruction of the old you in order to give birth to healthier you. This is a good thing but usually requires some effort and change on your part !!

There are endless different layouts you can use to obtain more specific answers. There are different number of cards you can use with different layouts. You can ask specific questions or very open or broad question. You may follow the given word for each card or choose one that feels more fitting to your style.

There are many types of tarot decks and you should pick the one that feel a connection with. Some say you should have tarot given to you but I feel you should go with what feels right for you. Buy a deck that you enjoy looking at or are drawn to first. If there is a selection to choose from you will know which one is meant for you. Go with your inner knowing !!

Everyone has a way that works for them and just because you were told or read somewhere, does not mean that that's the right way for you. As you work with your deck you will find ways of connecting, such as the way you shuffle, cutting the deck, laying the cards, and what each card represents for you. Always respect your deck of tarot and be grateful for it's assistance.

If you are a beginner, use your cards often, with the intention of building a connection. Don't begin using tarot as a minute by minute guide to everything you do. Don't become dependent. But tarot cards do take some practice for most beginners. As you practice you get get a feel for how to best work with your cards. You can start with going through each card and feel the energy that comes with it. You can begin by simply jumping right in and start with a simple lay out. Any way you feel inclined, do so !!

Your tarot should always be respected, they should also always be fun. They are like a old friend, so don't be so serious and laugh with you cards and take some of your answers with a grain of salt, after all you would expect your friends to be honest, so expect nothing less from you cards.

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