Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The parts of us we feed, are the parts of us we breed

We all have the ''good'' and ''bad'' parts about us. Yes we do !! Lets start off with.... good and bad are human labels we as a society have used to describe experiences, events, traits and such. There is no good or bad in our reality but I am not going into detail about that. I only bring it up because I don't want to use quotations every time I use the words good or bad !! So when I use those two words, please image quotations around them both.

We like to show off the good and hide the bad. Well what we need to do is accept both. Both are what makes us who we are. What really counts is what parts of us do we feed or give attention to. If we fester about the bad and shameful parts of us, then we feed them the energy they need to keep festering. If we feed the loving parts of us, the parts of us we may be embarrassed or bashful in showing, then those parts become stronger.

Now this is not to say simply ignore the parts we don't like or wish weren't there, but acknowledge them and choose something different, choose something more "positive". For instance if you were to typically get angry while driving because someone cut you off and speed off like some kind race car driver, leaving you frazzled shaking you fist and cursing up a storm, (that would be feeding the "bad" parts, even if you feel it is justified) in that moment you can instantly stop feeding that part of you and feed a more understanding part of you. For all you know that driver could be on his way to the hospital cause he just got a call, while on a job out of town, telling him his wife and three children were in a life threatening accident. Because if that were you, would be doing the same exact thing !!! Now that whole story you just told yourself, very well may be true but more than likely not. Hopefully not ! But what it did, is just feed the good parts of you. You empathized with another when it was most important, when it made you the most angry.

Another example... you and another guy apply for the same job. Same qualifications, same great personality for the position, same eagerness to get the job, but he gets it. You become envious and judgmental and self righteous, thinking you deserved it more. You go over all the reasons you should have got that position and not him. All along feeding that bad part of you. Something we all do as a basic human reaction we have learned. But the thing you may want to shift your attention to, is that more compassiontate side or part of you and remind yourself that that other guy may have lost his wife a year ago and is trying to support his two young kids on his own while taking care or his live in grandmother, and on top of that he may be going through some medical treatments and who knows what else. What ever it takes to feed the loving, compassionate, empathetic parts of you do it as quickly as possible, and the stronger those parts become.

The parts of you, you feed are the parts pf you, you breed. Those parts grow and become stronger every time you starve those other not so likable parts we feel shameful about. Remember that we don't need to pretend we are not mad, disappointed, envious or any other "bad" feeling, cause remember there really is no good or bad. We need to honor our feelings and emotions, always ! The goal here would be to experience more feel good, lighter, loving, compassionate thoughts with each of our experiences. To feel good more often and see others through your heart.

When we do this, it feeds the best part of us...... Our heart !!!

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