Sunday, December 7, 2014

Don't go it alone, connect with like minded.

Now, it is more important than ever to keep connected with the like minded !! Things are changing and changing fast. There is no need during this time to feel alone, in respect to your changing goals, thoughts, intentions and daily experiences. Trying to go it alone is a challenge and many return to their old ways even though it feels wrong on every level.

There are many ways to connect to others that think and feel the same way you do. The Internet is the easiest way, and the variety of info and people to connect with is endless. Almost every social site has many people on the spiritual path. Face Book, Linked In, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest. Google and others have a variety of options when it come to the type of people you wish to connect with.

So many of us feel alone when we begin our spiritual journey and even after we have started making the the changes we are called to make. You can find the support if you really want it. Support can come in many ways, sometimes it`s as simple as having the emotional connection with someone who gets it, support may be getting advice on something you are working on, sometimes support is greatest when we realize we are not alone in our changing thoughts about this world.

If you don`t have Internet to connect with others, you can simply ask someone to google spiritual groups in what ever city you live in. Many have started groups to help. Classes are another great way to connect, whether it is a yoga class, meditation class, palates class or even tai chi or reiki. Remember when the student is ready the teacher will appear !!

Keep looking for those of like mind, you will find them no matter where you live. Don`t try to figure this all out on your own if you are feeling alone. There is help out there. What ever we need on our journey will appear before us !!! After all you found this article and you are welcome to join us on our face book or even give us a call 519-457-4800

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