Sunday, December 7, 2014

One step in a different direction can begin a whole new life.

We sometimes think to make change in our lives we have to spend hours, days, weeks, months, years, even decades to see our most inspired goals come to light...... and on some level this may be true but, the thing is there are always layers to our selves and to our goals. We only need to take one step in order for the world to open it's self up to us and give us a piece of our desired puzzle.

One step is a little bit closer than we were before that step. And although it may just be a little step, even a baby step, it might be the one step you needed to take, for you life to turn in a different direction. Steps can be anything from making that phone call, talking to that specific person you have been avoiding, applying for the job you have always wanted, to, starting that website you've been putting off, looking for that space to rent or simply believing you are worth it.

Steps are a funny thing cause you never know where it will bring you or who it will bring you to.

One step can set a series of steps in motion quicker than you ever could have imagined or on the other hand sometimes it may seem like the hundred steps you have taken, have moved you no where. But no worries cause a step is a step which keeps you moving forward. Each step you take is a choice and each choice comes from a thought, which came from a feeling, and feelings are what motivate us.

If we are motivated to make a choice and we take a step in order to bring about experiences, then that is progress. The next step is to decide what your NEXT step is. Every day we step in one direction or the other and either way there are going to be experiences that go along with it. If the steps seem overwhelmingly big or too challenging at the moment then step back and re-evaluate what you want your next step to be.

We can`t always see ahead of time where our steps are going to lead or how quickly but each step with your intention, is creating possibilities that never could have been without you choice to take that step. We all have dreams and those dreams are possible if only we can have faith in ourselves and the universe that we are worth it. We are given everything we need need in order to be successful, yes even when we are on our 56th or 59th step and still see no major shift or opportunity, we are still moving forward.

Think of it this way if your goal is huge how could you possibly manage going from ground zero to complete success without building up the knowledge to support you goal long term. If things move to quickly everything can fall apart with out the healthy foundation that your seemingly lost steps are creating.

-Keep stepping forward, re-evaluate when needed and know you are worth every goal you set and you are capable so long as you work hard and know that lost steps are all part of the process. Your next step could be the step that brings you into a whole new life.

Never give up just re-adjust when needed, We are all counting on you !!

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