Friday, December 26, 2014

10 Things you can do with your smudging herbs

Smudging is a way to clear negative or stagnant energy or to add a specific quality to a space such as protection. The most common herbs used to smudge are White sage, cedar, sweet grass, palo santos, frankincense and myrrh. There are a number of things you ca do with your smudging herbs. Here are 10 interesting ways to use your selected smudging materials.

1.... You can use them to cleanse your crystals by passing your crystals through the smoke while holding your intention to have them cleansed and even charged.

2.... You can use them to cleanse yourself at the end of the day or after a less than desirable situation, confrontation, or challenging experience.

3.... You can cleanse your children when they come home from school, day care, park or basically anywhere, where they might have picked up others energy.

4.... You can clear new objects you bring into your home. This is especially helpful if you like to go to garage sales, thrift shops or collect antiques or books.

5.... You can smudge your pets and even your plants. Works great if you have had visitors that were not so positive.

6.... You can burn a small amount to clear your vehicle and even smudge for protection too.

7.... You can smudge before meditation or ritual, before yoga or any other spiritual practices you may want to carry our, giving you a clear space to work in.

8.... You can cleanse the space you work in by burning any smudging herb, although not applicable for everyone, you can even carry a piece of sage in your pocket and experience the benefits.

9.... You can cleanse your outdoor space by walking the border of your property line. This is a good time to smudge for protection too.

10.... You can smudge yourself after visiting a hospital, concert, funeral, bar, jail, or any where there are mass number of people or where large number of people may be suffering in some way.

You can use your smudging hers in endless ways. Smudging is your intention to clear a person, place, or thing for good reason. There is really no wrong way to smudge. Do what feels right for you. You will find a particular way to carry out your smudging that works for you.

Always be grateful and know it has worked !!

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