Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Addiction and spiritual sensitivity...a link ??

Working at a spiritual center I meet many people, amazing people that share a common thread. That is they are highly sensitive, some to the point they think they are mentally unstable and some who need coping strategies that desensitize or numb extreme energy transfers. Many of these strategies include some kind of addiction that helps to desensitize our sensory system.

Those who are highly empathetic can have extreme anxiety as they pick up other peoples emotions on an ongoing basis. They can also have extreme mood swings with no apparent trigger. Another name for an empath is clairsentient - the ability to feel others emotions as if they were your own. Google it, you'll find tonnes of info...

This seems to be the strongest group tied to any type of addiction. I am included in this group and I do have my own coping mechanisms at times. Other sensitivities also seem to trigger a need for an outside substance to help curb circumstances that are over whelming and because of lack of past knowledge the first go to seems to be cigarettes,marijuana, alcohol, sex and most detrimental cocaine, pills and other drugs that really open the doors for lower energies, only compiling the issue.

Addiction effects a large portion of the western population and as we go through this awakening process, it seems as though most of us are struggling to find a way to cope with the newer sensitivity to the changing energies. As much as it is necessary to adapt to these abilities to feel and sense energy differently, it is becoming apparent that it is challenge on a very large scale. 

So many people on the front row of this march into the new reality or spiritual awakening, like never before are coping through the use of a desensitizing source or something that is a guarantee sensation in this unstable world of energy for sensitives.

We are learning new was of protecting ourselves and through this new strength can grow and coping will not be necessary as we learn to harness our awakening abilities. So not despair my friend, you are not alone. You are not alone. 

We have all the reason to believe that we will only grow stronger as more awaken to what is truth and the need for anything that lessons our sensitivities that is outside ourselves will no longer be needed. Stay strong and know prayer helps in all things. We need to keep marching forward and love ourselves and know we are worth this seemingly ever challenging march. It is worth the effort.

This article is not to condone, judge or give permission to addiction, it is only to say none of us are alone or that different. We all have things about us we try to hide or feel shameful about. This is only giving you a hug and saying we get it !! We all try and when we can do better, we do.....We must keep trying though. This march has only begun and we must stay strong and search for ways to manage the stronger energies as we become more and more sensitive. 

You are loved and you are love, no matter what you think your unworthiness are. We are all one and we must learn to banned together in this new way of living that is being birthed at this very moment. Everything we need is already inside us and everyday we come closer to activating every ounce of it. 

No matter whether you believe your addiction is from this or something else, you are someone special and you have a purpose. Keep trying, we are learning new things everyday. Hope is always present in this ever changing world <3