Sunday, December 7, 2014

If God is within, think of what we CAN do !!!!

As more people begin to realize God is within us, we are beginning to scratch the surface on our truly amazing gifts and abilities that come with this knowledge. We are given these wonderful powerful gifts to use in order to help you on your journey. Unfortunately those in power such as government and pharmaceutical companies don't want us knowing and especially using these gifts.

We can heal ourselves, manifest our greatest desires, connect with our psychic abilities, feel energy, see spirit and many other abilities we have been led to believe are not within us and must go outside of ourselves to receive. We are learning, therefor many of our gifts are rusty as we have not used them. We can become skilled in our gifts the more we practice, appreciate and use them for good.

God gave us every ability He has. He gave us free will to believe and use what we "think" is true. We can use these abilities as much or as little as we choose to. We can become skilled at all of them, some of them or none of them. You can even believe none of it is true !! We have the free will to choose what we believe and what we use.

Think about this....... If we scoop a cup of water from the ocean and hold it above the water, is the water we just scooped still considered the ocean ??? It was the ocean a minute ago and has all the properties as the ocean and when poured back, it for sure, becomes the again. Well the same analogy can used with God energy. We are created from God. We are a cup of energy scooped from God source. We have all the properties as our God has and He wants us to use all of them to there fullest extent.

God is within, we are part of this all loving, creative source and we deserve to use what we are given. Soooooo much good can from these abilities. Learning to use them enabling you to help yourself and help others is exactly what we all need more of. Imaging would it would be like today, if even half the population tapped in for the greater good. How amazing would that be ?? But it is happening. More and more every day are being called to wake up and use their gifts to lift themselves and as many others as they can on the way !!

These energies also come with great responsibility and your loving intentions will be measured. What you put out there, and will always come back. If you practice and begin tapping into these energies you best to use them for good and more importantly the greater good of all. You are a part of God energy so why wouldn't you have the same energy, you must activate them and practice and know that you are someone special and you can make a difference to those around you and beyond. After all God gave you life, so go live it to the fullest, helping everyone you can. You are bigger than you can ever imagine !!!!

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