Saturday, December 13, 2014

5 ways to use your Pendulum

Pendulums are usually an object that is suspended on a cord, chain or string of some sort. They are made of many different objects and materials. I think the oldest well known images of a pendulum is when you tie a ring to a string and hold it over the belly of a pregnant woman to tell the sex of the baby. When it goes around one way it means the baby will be a girl and when it goes the other way it means it's a boy !!

They can be made of anything that will sway easily on a string. Rings, gemstones, copper spirals, silver or even a coin can be attached to a cord and swing holding the cord with one hand. The material you use to attach the the object to should be light enough to easily move with out being weight down too much. Commonly used materials are chain, thread, cord or thin rope.

Pendulums can be used in a number of ways for a variety of reasons. Most commonly pendulums are asked a question and will sway clock wise or counter clock wise, or they will sway back and forth or to and fro Depending on how it prefers to answer. You first want to ask your pendulum to show you a yes answer and let it move naturally. When it is clearly moving in a particular way. Thank it and stop its motion. Then ask for a no answer and it will likely begin moving in the opposite direction. You can then begin asking questions that require an yes or no answer.

You can also use your pendulum in others ways.

Locating objects -- objects can be located through asking about specific locations and receiving a yes or no answer. You can also draw different locations on different areas of a piece of paper and notice which way it is pulling toward.

Spelling messages -- can be done by drawing the alphabet on a paper and let the pendulum be drawn to the letters and read the message accordingly.

Yes and no answers -- are exactly that, ask questions that have only yes or no answers.

Time frames -- draw on paper or picture in your mind different time frames or dates and let the pendulum show you the best answer by concentrating on your question and watch where it pulls to.

Deciding on choices you have to make --  You can either ask yes or no about each choice or again draw your choices out and let the pendulum show you the answer.

There are many ways to use your pendulum. I always recommend using Google and You Tube to see how others use theirs and pull what feels right to you when when using yours. Pendulums are another great tool that connects with your higher self. When choosing your pendulum, choose the one than stands out to you the most, the one that resonates with you in a way that you know IT IS YOURS !!!

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