Tuesday, December 30, 2014

11 Reasons to Burn Incense or Essential Oils

Essential oils are are direct product of plants, flowers, herbs, ect and are clean burning. Good quality incense are scented with essential oils. There are many reasons and intentions one would burn either. One is not really better than the other. It is almost always personal preference. Here is a few ideas of why you might want to add scents to your environment or space ......

1....Scent - Some people burn oil or incense just for the simple pleasures of choosing a scent they enjoy and       burning. Really no intent here just pure enjoyment.

2....Meditation - Oil or incense can be burned to enhance meditation. Particular scents provide a clear space       and open communication with your higher self or divine energy.

3....Protection - One can burn either product when wanting protection spiritually, emotionally even                       physically. Many herbs have protective qualities that derive from their spiritual properties, such as                 frankincense or cedar wood..

4....Aromatherapy - Is a practice using very specific scents to create specific intentions. For instance the all         common lavender is most well known for its calming or sleep effect.

5.....Smudging alternative to herbs. Smudging is something carried out for clearing a space of old negative             energy. Because oils and incense are a direct product of herbs, you can burn either and create the same         effect as say burning sage or cedar herbs.

6....Calming - Many scents, such as the lavender are helpful when looking to calm the mind and relax the             body. Chamomile and ylang ylang are also a great choice to burn for this purpose.

7....Clearing - Both clearing a space AND clearing the mind are possible and burning scents such as lemon,         orange or peppermint will not only clear a space but also leave your mind clear and receptive to                     information.

8....Energizing - Similar to the clearing scents, energizing scents help awaken the mind and nervous system           allowing you to be fully receptive in many areas.

9....Prosperity - Oils and incense are commonly burned to call forth prosperity or good fortune. When                  burning for this reason don't just sit around expecting $$ to start falling into your lap....although it could ;)

10....Romance - Ylange ylange and basil even patchouli are well known for their romancing qualities. They             can add a seductive quality to a romantic setting.

11....Oils can be burned for magic, rituals, manifestations, and intentions. Every plant has a "magical " property to it and connecting with those properties can be extremely helpful at times. Mother earth provided these plants for a reason and we are again awakening to their benefits/

There are many other reasons to burn the endless variety of scents. You need not have an intention, just enjoy and as you begin exploring new scents, you will find more there is to do.

Happy and Safe burning !!

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