Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Send love, healing, support and protection from a distance

A person in need of love, healing, support, or protection, that is at a distance from you can easily receive your whatever energy you are lovingly sending. It is as simple as sending it to them. There are a couple of ways you can do this and either way the person your sending it to will receive it.

If it is healing you would like to send hold an image of this person in your mind, picture them 100% healthy and happy. While doing this you can ask God and the Angels to help heal this person. You can also send your love and support to a loved one or even someone you don't know. Simply hold an image of this person in your mind. In the image they  are completely loved and supported. They have everything they need. Hold this image and ask God and the Angels to take special care of this person in their time of need. They ( God or Angels) will do this in whatever way they see most beneficial to this person. We may never know exactly how this energy was received by them, but just know it was received. Protection can be sent to any one. Just ask. Ask the Angels to surround them in protection and hold onto the image of them completely safe.

These techniques work for the following examples and endless more. Whether you have a loved one in the hospital, jail, at war, or in a detox centre, whether there in a different city or country, if it's an old friend or someone you hurt in your past, even the homeless person you passed by the other day. It really doesn't matter who they are or where they are, you have the ability to send them beneficial energy.

If you send your loving or healing energy, there are endless possibilities of how they could receive it. Literally endless. But here is a more specific example for someone in the hospital or even prison. When you send loving or supportive energy to them, they may receive it by way of having someone start up a sympathetic conversation with them at the very moment you sent your love, giving them the companionship they needed, or maybe an inspirational message was sent and received through the television, radio, or book, maybe their blood pressure instantly lowers or they all of  a sudden feel lighter or have a warm loving sensation rush over them.

 The possibilities are quite literally endless. So who needs your loving thoughts today?

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