Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rhodonite - a stone for unlocking emotional scars from your past..

 The rhodonite is a great stone for releasing emotional scares from in you past. It brings painful emotions to the surface, such as anger, sorrow and resentment to be balanced and released. It can even help with past life experiences that are slowing your progress in life. When these past traumas are brought to the surface and dealt with, it heals emotional wounds, therefore aiding in the process of elimination destructive behavior.

Rhodonite can have a very helpful vibration while transmuting (blending) your past with you present. It stimulates emotional balance and cooperation with others. It is a very supportive stone for emotional trauma, which is why it is useful in healing negativity from in your past. It clears away confusion, and it stimulates calmness in handling upsetting or emotional situations. Because the rhodonite encourages emotional balance, and is a supportive stone, it only makes sense it also encourages forgiveness. Forgiving is an important part of transmuting or blending your past with your present, in order to move forward and live an emotionally balance life.

Self confidence and balanced emotions vibrate from this stone. Healing emotional pain from you past is freeing and a journey that is not always easy, so the rhodonite aids in letting you see your accomplishments and offers support while your confidence is growing.

Everyone has things from their past that need attention, rhodonite can speed the process from  bringing to surface, what needs healing, right through to you gaining more self esteem, in order to help you move forward. Rhodonite is usually no more than a couple dollars and can be found at retailers where stones and crystal sold.

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