Sunday, February 13, 2011

Do you experience goosebumps, shivers, or the chills ?

If you answers ''yes'' this is a good reason to always be conscious of what you doing and especially of what you are thinking. When you experience goosebumps, chills or anything similar, stop and become conscious of what was said, done or thought to bring on this sensation.

Were you talking to somebody?  Who were you talking to?  Did you hear something being said?  Who were you standing near?  What were you thinking?  Were you looking at something or reading something?  How were you feeling at  the time?  What were you talking about? .... pay attention.

Goosebumps are one of the most common signs or signals your guidance or intuition will come to you. I've noticed this is very common when people are just beginning their spiritual journey and listening to their intuition or guidance. You can experience this sensation anywhere on your body, on your arms, down your back or your legs, the top of your head and down your neck and shoulders. They can come in any combination. You must be aware, for there is a message trying to be sent to you.

For instance if you are in the presence of someone and you have a bad feeling, like something just doesn't feel right, and then they look at you a certain way and you get the chills, I would consider that guidance to avoid this person, or keep a sharp eye when dealing with them.

On the other hand, if you are having a conversation with someone who is grieving the loss of something and you get the urge to say something , but worry it will upset your them, yet still have the urge to say it and you suddenly have goosebumps run down your neck and arms that could be a sign that you are being urged by something bigger to speak up. Your friend may need to hear what you want to say.

Always remain sensitive to their needs. Sometimes we have these sensations, just to validate what you were thinking or talking about.You can get these sensations for endless reasons. It is different for everyone, but if you start paying attention, you will start to make sense of what they are trying to tell you.

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  1. Thank you for this post, it really helps explain some of the "strangeness" in peoples lives. I was listening to a meditation today and had the most intense feeling in certain parts of my body, it was incredible!

  2. Blessings keep showing di guidence to di youth

  3. Your post are always lovely and reflective of mine. Thank you for being one of my early followers. xo


  4. How lovely to see your post!

    I started noticing these signs over 4 years ago now. I've learned that - in addition to the reasons you offer here - they also occur in people who are kinetic healers. When I am doing Reiki on someone, for example, I will feel the energy lifting / moving / shifting / departing / or coming in via that feeling of goosebumps, etc. Depending on where in my body I feel the goosebumps, it can alert me to go to THAT place on my client's body and place my hands there to inquire further.

    Not everyone experiences this, of course, but - as you say - I've learned to attend very carefully when the gooses start bumping!

    Thanks again for posting!
    Warmest thoughts,
    Erin Bentley

  5. Thank you for this, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets this! <3

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I get these when I start to deeply think of someone very special to me. My heart feels so open and my soul full of warmth. Sometimes I get a chill on top of my head and it's usually later I find out that person sent me an email or a quick hello at the time of my experience. It's a very positive, uplifting, loving kind of energy! =)

  7. I know this is an old post, but I googled this and found your site. FOr the last couple of months whenever I think or talk about my Gran or touch anything that belonged to her, I get goosbumps and a moving energy feeling up the left side of my body! It is very strange. Only happens with Gran thoughts??? She died in in 1998 and I loved her very much

  8. I feel it is just her letting you know she is there and wow I got huge goosebumps while typing this !! She LOVES you and is around you.

  9. very good article! lately, more than ever, I have been getting goosebumps when i speak, and/or share something that is valid and true!

  10. Thanks for sharing.. whenever i feel goosebumps/ chills, i can sense energy were sending from my body. Just like sending and receiving energy.. I feel so weird but hey, luckily i found people like you all here.. sharing the same feelings like i do.. At least i won't feel being alone.. :)

  11. I keep having goosebumps many time in a day for 2weeks ever since I came back from my Bangkok trip. It started in my hotel rm after that most of the rms i sleep in i will keep getting goosebumpsat night.Not sure why is that so.could it be fear?

  12. I get goosebumps when I talk to my boyfriend or think of him?

  13. I've been getting chills down the right side of my body for the past few days at school this guy keeps trying to start fights with me and I have the biggest erg to punch him in the face and I start getting goosebumps and start shaking when I come close to snapping? Any answer for me?

  14. need help...every time my partner walks around me (behind me) and i am aware he is about to walk behind me, i get the chills...every time! is not as if he walks up behind me and startles me or anything like that but simply every time he walks up behind me or walks past me, 99% of the time he is a meter away from me when i get it but i still get the chills run through me and i cant explain it, but it is getting on my nerves and isnt very nice to say to him that he gives me the chills every time he is behind me lol

    1. I get the same thing anytime someone is close to me and I can't see them or when someone tries to touch my head or spray anything near my head its so weird lol

  15. Whenever I hear about someone who has passed may it be on tv or in person I get goosebumps and the hairs on my arms stand up