Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How do I forgive those who have hurt me ?

 Usually forgiving someone is fairly easy, but it seems we all have had a time in our life where forgiving seems impossible and you feel they do not deserve your forgiveness.

 Lets start with....your not forgiving someone for their benefit ,you are forgiving them them for your own benefit. When you have not forgiving someone it feels as if there is some kind of negative energy surrounding you, a feeling of heaviness.
 It wasn't until recently I read something and a light bulb went off.

It made forgiving much easier then in my past, and it took all of a couple minutes of thinking and I could feel forgiveness manifesting , filling up where all my unforgivingness was being stored. Here it is....forgiving someone is understanding that this person was weaker than you in that moment, and possibly still are, they must have, in order for them to have done whatever it was they did.

Think about it. If you feel safe and secure and loved , supported and self confident, do you need to act in such a way ? No. You only behave in such a manner, when you feel empty and afraid and weak, therefore they feel the need to take anthers energy or power, in order to fill the emptiness in them, in turn making them feel stronger and in control.

Now keep in mind, this does not excuse the behavior  The behavior is separate from the person. If you can forgive the person by understanding that they were obviously very weak in that moment, than it lifts the burden of you having to carry around all that negative, heavy energy, thoughts and emotions. When this happens you can feel lighter almost instantly. Don't despair if the bad feelings start to come back, it may take a few times. Please always feel welcome to call on the Angels to help in aiding your forgiveness.

Remember that when someone is acting in a manner that is hurtful or mean, that is taking energy from another, and are thinking the have won, know that the person who really wins is the one who walks away with their integrity, and nothing left to regret later.

So when forgiving someone, keep your integrity by having understanding that they are lacking in knowledge. Stand up for yourself but remain as calm as you can. For when you react back in a negative way, you usually end up regretting how you reacted. Where does that leave you ? Feeling bad about what you did and then needing to forgive yourself.

So to keep it simple...Keep your cool, use your compassion to understand their weakness, use class when standing up for yourself,  and walk away with you head held high, and your energy lighter.

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