Monday, February 14, 2011

Speaking your truth, it allows you to LIVE your dream.

 When you speak your truth you are telling the world, I am ''this'' and I am comfortable being this, or I am feeling this way and you can accept it or not. A lot of people do not speak their truth for fear of not being understood or validated, or because they fear other peoples reactions.

When you discover a truth about yourself, whether it be how you feel,  a bold career change you feel compelled to make, or discovering an aspect of yourself or a belief that you had, that no longer serves it's purpose and want to release it, this should be a joyous thing , but for many it is a nightmare, for the fear they carry about what other people will  think, haunt them enough to keep it all inside, where it will sit and fester.

It will call to you to speak it. To say or do what you feel is right. You ignore it and it sits like a weight on you. Think about this, the distress of not speaking what needs to be spoke, cannot be worse than the distress it is causing you, keeping it inside, not speaking your truth.

Not speaking your truth is a major cause for illness, everything from throat problems, headaches, to digestive problems.

 For example, if you are being mistreated or taken advantage of, and do not speak up for yourself, over time you could develop a sore throat, because there is a part of you screaming to be heard. To stand up and say '' you cannot treat me this way ''

Another way you may not speak your truth is when you feel you need to say something to someone and don't because you are afraid of how they are going to react. This could be anything from asking for the money back that someone owes you, to bringing up a relationship problem to your partner. You do not end up speaking your truth, you keep it all inside of you, out of fear, and in doing so, could end up with some less than desirable intestinal problems.

 This is really a high road to walk. To speak your truth takes courage, to do what you know is right with out the worry of what others will think. Spend some time in thought. Then put it out there, in a loving way. Don't go in being defensive because you think you know, how they will react. Be facilitating. Say or do whatever it is, you want to put out there, but do it in a way that will cause the least amount of resistance, while still speaking your full truth.

A good saying my Nana use to say is "you attract more bees with honey than you do vinegar" That being said, you do not need their approval, blessing or validation, but its always nice to keep things on the more positive side. Do or say whatever you feel is right. If you have dismissed a certain thought or feeling repeatedly ask yourself why it keeps coming back. Maybe it is asking to be heard, maybe it is an important part to your future. How will you ever know unless you give your truth a voice.

Be confidant, be YOU !!

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