Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Raising children, in a spiritual environment

Starting your spiritual journey, while being a parent is an amazing opportunity to offer your children the most important aspect of living. For a lot of parents, staring up a spiritual dialog with your children, can be met with some challenges. Two things to remember is don't give up ! and don't push it on them !  Here are some challenges you may cross when introducing spirituality into your home, and some possible solutions.

It can feel weird or uncomfortable. This is not surprising. You, yourself may have just recently begun to use a more spiritual based dialog, as well as just starting to understand the terminology and meanings that are used. You may fear telling them the wrong thing or not having the answer to a question they may present to you. You may even worry about their reaction. When anyone is learning something new, it can seem a little uncomfortable to ''put it out there'' for others at first, but over time, it just becomes natural to the point, it some how infuses itself into your daily vocabulary.

They tell you they don't believe any of that ''stuff'' This is sooo common. If your children are past toddler stage, you should not be upset or worried if they don't jump right in there with you. This is something they may not be used to, and it may feel uncomfortable for them. Give it time and continue on your journey, leaving plenty of space and opportunity for them to evolve at their own pace. Children learn by example and will pick up what they need whether they are aware of it or not, just by watching your lead.

I don't know where to begin. You can begin just by letting them see you behave and speak in a spiritual manner, this will desensitize there feelings of being uncomfortable. Light your candles, create your alter, let them see you pray and asking for spiritual guidance, answer any questions as best you can and when your not sure what to say, tell them you are not sure and will get back to them, then research the answer.

 I bought each of my children a glass Angel ornament and just told them they could hold it, if they wanted to, and pray to God or an Angel. I didn't make a big deal about it, I just planted the seed or idea in their head. Over time through watching me and becoming more comfortable about the subject, they began using my prayer suggestion and started opening up in other areas of spirituality as well, until it eventually became normal. Remember all children are different, so don' be alarmed if one or more of your children are more receptive and the other(s) are not.

 Just be yourself and the rest will follow. Children learn from their environment and what is shown to them, so show your spiritual side, on some level it will be picked up, even if its subconsciously, the seed has been planted, over time it will grow at its own speed and pace. Just be proud of yourself for planting it !

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