Wednesday, February 16, 2011

''This situation is already healed, right now''

 Say it and believe it ! No matter what difficulties you are experiencing, if you say this and believe it, you can feel it working right away. It takes time for the healing to fully manifest but you can feel the benefits of saying it right away. You may feel lighter, more  peaceful, less angry, or have a sense of calmness come over you. It will help you ground yourself, if you are scattered, worried or generally upset about something or someone.

You have turned the general issue over to God and confirmed your faith in Him. He will not let you down.

You can be sure He was on the job before, keeping a close eye on everyone, but when you openly affirm his willingness and ability to show us the way to heal, the areas in your life that need healing, He rejoices and will smooth  our path, easing us through some of the more difficult areas in our life. Be sure you are open to a variety of results, for it may not be what you were expecting. You can be sure it will be for the best of your well being, and anyone else involved.

This powerful little prayer can be used in all kinds of situations, during or after an argument between a partner, friend, co worker, your children, when you are having financial difficulties, right after you have received some bad news, when someone is ill or going through a hard time, and when you are experiencing feelings of grief, anger, anxiety or some kind of loss, in your life.

The possibilities are endless. Remember give it time, and have faith in your words, and be open to the end results, for no one but God, truly knows what is in our best interest, or that of a loved one.

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