Sunday, February 13, 2011

Basic karma

 If something has been done to you, that was of bad intention, causing you some kind of pain or heart ache, it does not have to be you who, does back to them what they have done to you. This will only create a terrible cycle of negativity in your life. Karma will always return what you have done to another, you will experience what you have created others to experience.

So this being true, why let yourself be a part of this cycle. When something has been done to you, do not retaliate . The old saying, an eye for an eye, well it does not have to mean you repeating what one has done to you. Rise above and just know that (unfortunately ) they will have what they inflicted on to you, back onto them. Someday, someone will  cast upon them, what they cast upon you, and so the cycle will continue, because the one who did wrong to them, will now have there own karma to balance and experience.

When you respond to injustice, do so with grace and be able to walk away with your integrity, knowing you handled this situation and everyone involved with respect, avoiding any negative karma. Even better create good karma for yourself, by respond to those people as lovingly as possible.

Most times people who are acting in a less than desirable manner are lacking something vital, and probably have been for a long time. Sending them loving and healing thoughts has to be better than engaging in a cycle of negative karma. Without a doubt, your kind thoughts will be received by them, and this will benefit them as well as you.

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