Saturday, February 19, 2011

God wants you to have a clear conscience

 Are you walking around with a feeling of guilt over something in the past, you now regret or understand was wrong ? or maybe, you wonder when or how you will receive your karma or experience what you made another experience. Well let me assure you, that God wants you to live with a clear conscience. If you are walking around, feeling bad for all the negative things you did in the past, it can make it awfully hard to be a carrier of light ? You have to have a clear conscience, in order to do His work to the best of your ability, and to serve Him most efficiently.

Spreading Gods word, sharing your insights and knowledge can be hard to do, if your filled up with guilt, remorse, or regret. It can also be very energy draining wondering when you will reap what you've sown onto others. Things in your past are generally left in the past, most karma is dealt with swiftly, soon after you've created it. This is to move forward, allowing you to evolve, learn, and then teach to others, if only living by example, what you have learned.

If you are filled with light and have a clear mind, or conscience you will feel lighter and clear enough to share your experiences, even your parts that you are not proud of.

 God wants you clear your conscience, free yourself, and just be the best person you can be now, today. He loves you and rejoices when we forgive, not only others but ourselves too. This leaves room for love and light, kindness, and freedom from our past. We can move forward to a better more knowledgeable self.

Remember every scenario we go through, there is someone nearby or in your future, who is going through something similar. You may notice if you have gone through a hard divorce or custody battle, that along your journey you come across people who are going through the same thing you did. This is no coincidence, it is a synchronicity. You will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and help them by sharing your experiences.

When you live and learn, accept your mistakes as learning tools, you begin to shed any shame or guilt you are holding to yourself, this freeing you. You are then able to share more openly, with others that you meet on your journey, about the mistakes you have made. This in turn teaching others we are all human and make mistakes and that its okay to forgive ourselves.

It is what God wants. For what could be greater than freeing your conscience and helping others to do the same, through your own personal, past experiences.

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