Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do people call you oversensitive? You could have a gift.

 If you feel or have been called oversensitive....More than likely you have clairsentience abilities or are an empath or a sensitive. Both carry the abilities of feeling the emotions and pain of another, literally, as if it were your own. You can become so overwhelmed by others emotions, especially aggressive or violent ones, that you become confused, or have a feeling of being paralyzed or frozen that comes over you. You could also act out with twice the anger, you normally would, due to the anger someone else is feeling.

These emotions are extremely draining and you may not understand why you are left feeling as though you've been through something horrific, while others think it was no big deal. Yet your left with all these emotions and confusion hours, even days after the altercation took place and cannot understand why the other person is over it. Visa versa, the other person cannot believe you are still obsessing over it. They may call you oversensitive but really, you are feeling an abundance of emotions, with half of them not even being yours.

Many clairsentients or empaths will agree that people, anyone from family to complete strangers will come up and just start unloading all their problems on you, this is because they can sense that you, really can make them feel better, but without you protecting yourself, you are able to absorb their negative energy or emotions and will end up helping them but at the cost of your own health.

There is also no tolerance for violence from a clairsentiant or empath, and they will avoid confrontations at all cost. This includes watching violent or heartbreaking television, news or movies because you are well aware of the emotional havoc it causes on your system and would rather avoid the assault it will have on your senses.

We also do not take well to sarcasm, or "poking fun" at another. Insincere complements or dishonesty from others can almost feel as though your energy is draining away, for you see through what they are saying. You can be aware when people are hiding something or being dishonest and with having no real way to prove it to them,  it can be frustrating as you can feel the energy the are denying. This is where protecting yourself can help.

There are ways to help deal with difficult people or situations without the assault of their emotions overriding your own. Always ask for a protective "bubble" to be place around you before engaging in a difficult situation or as soon as one begins to develop. Just imagine a protective wall between you and the other person. This wall will block out over stimulating emotions you are receiving from them.You can also put a "bubble" around them, to help keep there emotions from seeping onto you. You can use this technique with anyone, even  your children.

When your children become overstimulated, especially if you have more than one, this can be very overwhelming for the empath or clairsentiant parent. All there individual personalities with emotions continuously flowing out of emotional overload !! It is also helpful to "bubble yourself''  while in public places, at work or school, at a job interview, anywhere you feel you will pick up others emotions.

 You can also find crystals to help aid in protecting you from negative energy floating around, just waiting to make a home in you. You can find protective crystals for only a couple dollars and there is wide selection to choose from. Hold a stone or crystal before buying it because you can tell by feeling its energy, whether it is the right one for you. If you are especially sensitive, some stones may be overstimulating causing you to feel uncomfortable while holding it. Simply choose a stone that "feels'' right, that has the protective qualities you are looking for.

If you have been exposed to overstimulating emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety..... it is always a good idea to have any negative emotions lifted from you, and have any energy sucking cords that have attached themselves to you, be cut. Ask God/Angels/Universe to surround you in peaceful loving energy and to release any negative energy that has attached itself to you. You should find this will help immediately.

This ability is really a gift. When you learn how to protect yourself, this gift can in able you to help heal others, it gives you the ability to understand exactly what the other person is feeling. How special is that. There is so much information on the internet on this subject and I would encourage anyone who thinks they have this gift to look into it, you will learn and understand so much more about why you are the way you are, and why you react the way you do in emotional situations.

2 exceptional affirmations that have tremendous power are

"Surround me with the white light"............ it works immediately and can be called upon in any times of need. Works great for the grocery store for those of us even find that overwhelming !


" I am only feeling what is mine, right now ! ".......... Great for clearing your energy after any situation involving lots of people, a confrontation or any overwhelming situation

Being an empath is a gift that can be used to help understand others.

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