Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Messages through animals, birds, insects, reptiles, water creatures..

 Messages come through many forms. Animals and alike are a wonderful and fun way to receive them. Depending on the creature, where you seen it, and where in the sequence of events you noticed it, you can find a message pertaining to the situations in your life. Each creature has traits and knowledge they use to live in harmony, within this world. They all need different qualities in order to ensure their survival. Depending on the circumstances within your life, people too, need to use different tactics or qualities in order to see themselves through the variety of situations that come up.

The creatures we come across throughout our day may be giving you a message to help you through. Each creature can give you insight as to what you need change within yourself, can show you how to slightly alter your personality during a particular phase in your life, they can tell you where you should be focusing your attention, they can even tell you a story of what is going on within your world.

You need not, come face to face with these message carriers. You can come across them in books, pictures, the computer, your children's drawings, even through someone else bringing up a particular animal. If you notice specific creatures popping up, or being mentioned, within your world, in a short period of time, look deeper. They are offering their knowledge to you, giving you guidance about your situations.

 If you have always had a favorite animal, bird, or fish follow you through your life in general, they could tell you a lot about yourself. They could be a direct reflection of yourself, metaphorically speaking. They can represent the positive and negative aspects of your personality. Any animal that presents itself to you, ask what it could be telling or showing you. There is loads of information on the Internet on animal totems and spiritual meanings in nature.

Here is a good example of a story, that was told through seeing wildlife. One day while going through some major changes, and feeling overwhelmed from the pressure of it all, a friend took me to a river to sit (water is very cleansing and healing) I first had this desire to hold a frog, so I caught one and held it for a while, while I was holding the frog, a hawk flew over, then I noticed about 25 little butterflies gathered in this one spot on the ground, then as we were leaving a young deer crossed our path no more than 10 feet in front of us.

I knew there was a story unfolding. I wrote it down, and began to analyze what was shown to me that day. I knew frog represents cleansing and hawk is a messenger from above, butterflies stand for transformation, and deer is a symbol for gentleness.

So the story goes.... frog was telling me I was overdue for some major cleansing of old emotions, and negativity, that had build up overtime. Hawk was telling me to pay attention to the messages that are continuously flowing in. The butterfly was showing me I was going through some major transformations in my life, most of them thoughts and beliefs, which validated I was going through a challenging time.  Deer was telling me to be gentle and patient with myself. What an amazing conformation, I was on the right path.

There is always a story being told. Next time some creature talks to you, look into what is telling you.

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