Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obsidian - a stone that carries self-truth and protection

 Obsidian is a very powerful stone. It carries two qualities that I find very useful. One is its ability to bring to the surface what we would rather keep buried and the other is its ability to soak up, not only the negative energy around you, but any negative energy that you've had buried, and are now releasing.
First we will look at the obsidian's ability to bring out the "not so pleasant" truths about ourselves. It is merciless in exposing the parts of ourselves that we would rather not see. It will reveal patterns in your behaviour that are destructive. It brings to the surface the truth behind any emotional blockages you may have.

It can be extremely overwhelming and you must be prepared to handle the cold, hard, truth about yourself. It will teach you how to integrate the shadow aspects of you personality with the balanced parts . It aids in releasing these negative energies by way of, bringing them to your attention, teaching you how to integrate them, and then literally soaking up the negativity. Which brings us to, another extremely useful quality.....

 The obsidian has an amazing ability in dealing with negative energy at an amazing speed. Whether it is your own negative energy you are releasing, or someone you come into contact with, or negative energy in the general public, this stone can handle the job. The obsidian will create a protective shield around you, guarding you from any energy that would be considered negative. This stone is very helpful for highly sensitive people, including clairsentients and empaths.

The obsidian is a stone that needs cleansing after being used for one of these purposes. Cleansing can easily be done by placing it out in the sun or moon light for a few hours, or you can place it in salt water for a couple hours. For quicker clearings you can hold them under running water, smudge them, or pass them through the light of a candle. You can even visualize purifying light surrounding them.

All these techniques are to be done, with you holding the intention of all negativity being neutralized and the obsidian being energized.

Obsidian could be a great tool for anybody, in their daily life. They can be purchased at you nearest crystal or stones retailer for a couple dollars. The attributes listed above are only the tip of the iceberg, this rock has to offer. More information on the obsidian can easily be found on the internet, in books, also it is likely the store you purchase your stone from, will have staff that are familiar with most stones, rocks and gems.

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