Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm only sand (poem)

 My tears fall in the dark, so nobody sees
for all, carry burdens of their own
My tears fall quietly so nobody hears
I cry to myself, so nobody knows

They hear my cries, they hear my tears
they see the cracks, no one else dares
where most see a rock, they know I'm just sand
and when nobody comes, they take my hand

I cry to the sky and the palms of my hands
to feel wrapped in light that understands
a warm, embracing, loving light
they know my plight, too tired to fight

Is someone here so strong, to hold me
when I crumble, and am in need
To feel ever so leaned on, yet so unsupported
''send me a boulder'' is what I've reported

My palms overflowing, my knees getting sore
the divine is my breath, I need just one thing more
I do unto others, as I would have them do unto me
I am just sand, please let them see

I can do anything with what I'm provided
I'll make the best of everything is what I've decided
my tears will be caught, even if only by me
and I'll carry on being the best I can be

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