Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Adding spirituality into your life..... a little effort makes a big difference

 There are many easy, and inexpensive ways to open up and add spirituality into your life and surroundings. Adding even one or two small changes into your life, will show the divine that you are interested and trying. They will offer you little messages or feelings when you are on the right path. So as you add to, or make small changes to your life, pay attention because you will be rewarded for your efforts, which will motivate you to do more. Here are some simple suggestions that are next to no cost, but may help you on your spiritual journey.

Add a plant or two into your environment.  Pick a plant that grows quickly, this will help you stay focused and see the benefits of feeling good, while watching your plant grow and become stronger. A plant adds nature into your environment, it purifies the air around it, and gives you a therapeutic energy to connect with.  Cost - only a few dollars.

Add herbal tea to your kitchen cupboard.  Even if you only have a cup or two a week, it is a conscious effort in adding something positive into you life. Some people are turned off by the taste, so add a little sugar to it. It is still conscious effort for the better. You can even just look at it as medicine food and drink it with that thought in mind.    Cost - only a few dollars.

Make an alter.  An alter is a shelf or a tray dedicated to the divine. It can consist of anything that  helps you connection with the spirit world. Candles are important. You can add items such as... a cross, glass figurines that represent something special, crystals or gems, a ring or necklace with special meaning, a prayer a book, a picture, anything you want, but remember you want to keep it somewhat simple and definitely sacred. You can light the candles on your alter when you are seeking guidance or during prayer. Again this is a conscious effort to connect and show your appreciation for your guidance. Cost - not alot, most people have a shelf they can clear off and most of your special items to place on it, you will already have.

Crystals / gems   are very interesting to learn about and an excellent way to bring spiritual vibrations into your environment. The offer good energy, protection from negative energy, they offer insight, they help balance energy within and around you, they also have endless healing properties in them.   Cost - only a couple dollars.

Talking or praying to God / Angels / Guides  more frequently. You have the ability to speak to the divine at any moment and they are always excited to hear from you and the more you communicate with then the more they will communicate with you. You can even have a sense of humour with him ( being respectful of course). Talking to God, Angles, even your Guides on a regular basis opens the lines to the guidance, they so eagerly want you to hear.            Cost - FREE

Decluttering a room or a closet in your house.  Letting go of old, unused items, leaves room for new things to come in. When you have old items cluttering up space in your home, it dampens the energy and leaves little room for new, and useful things to enter. When you allow more space in your home, it allows for better energy flow, and that is very important.  Accomplishing the task of decluttering is a good feeling on its own, the space it created for new energy is a bonus that you will enjoy. Guaranteed !.  Cost - FREE

Light a candle and sit in the quiet.  This could be considered like meditation, but so many people I have talked to say they don't know how to meditate, so this is a good way to start. Being quiet, in the presence of candle light, is a signal to the divine that you are seeking their guidance. They will come, you may not hear or see anything bur rest assured they are present and offering you things you are not even aware of, yet... or maybe you are.  Cost - the price of a candle.

Connect with people that are of like mind, people that are consciously on the same journey as you. It is very important to be able to express yourself, compare thoughts and ideas, and have support from people that also share spiritual beliefs. You can find them almost anywhere on the computer- facebook, twitter, blogger, google, take a class on a spiritual topic, just put it out there, and be patient they will come. You may find like minded people showing up everywhere in you life.

Any effort you put forth in searching for spiritual guidance will be rewarded. They know when you're trying, and this excites them. They will offer you little signs or gifts to let you know your on the right track and that they're always there to help. Even reading this shows you are trying to find answers. They love it !!

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