Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Addiction in highly sensitive people.

 The things in which you can be addicted to in this life time are endless. Anything that gives an instant gratification and pleasure to your senses, or relieving you from your reality and the stress of your experiences in your life, can be a source for your addiction. This includes alcohol, sex, shopping, drugs, exercise, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, food, cleaning, power, control, gambling, money, gossip, crime, and the list goes on.

When you are highly sensitive, for example, have clairsentience abilities (feeling other peoples feeling), or find that being around other people or stressful situations, very over stimulating, making you feel overwhelmed, this may be important information in helping you determine where and why you came to have this addiction. This may only scratch the surface as to what you are experiencing and why, but it can be an important one, in your personal discovery and journey of evolution.

You see, if you have a chemical addiction or an addiction that impairs or dulls you senses, such as alcohol or drugs, even foods, unconsciously you may be using these as a coping mechanism to your over sensitivity to outside people, places, situations, especially emotions. When you are under the influences of any chemical, your senses become foggy and less sensitive, therefore you are spared dealing with the overwhelming energy and emotions rather than learning to work though them.
This may help to manage your sensitivity by way of asking Angels to surround you in a protective shield when in situations that are uncomfortable for you.

If you have an addiction to shopping or gambling, even sex, these are temporary escapes from your reality, responsibilities, issues, or stresses in your life. They can give you instant gratification, a feeling  or rush of energy that allows you to escape, even if only for a moment, your reality. Either way there is good reason to look into this on a deeper level, go within yourself to see if this may lead you to some understanding as to why you are, and do things in your life that you have yet to fully understand about your life and addiction(s).

Addictions are for endless reasons and are a heavy burden to carry, so keep searching for answers. If you believe you are highly sensitive, and you think this may have something to do with you addiction, then ask the Angels to protect you from outside energy, especially negative energy, and to infuse you with energy strong enough to deal with any emotions that may come up.

Always keep searching for answers to any questions you have, they are always answered. Many Blessings !!

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