Thursday, April 14, 2011

We are not alone, other life forms are involved.

 Although this may seem absurd to some, that's understandable, as not to long ago, it did to me as well. This is not an article to try and convince anyone, it is to share the knowledge and research I have done. It is to plant the seed for those who are still unaware we are part of something so much bigger than we were told, that there are not only other beings out there throughout the galaxy but there has been communication to a great extent between the government and other beings that do not live here on earth.
This is not new information to some but for alot of people this is very hard to imagine let alone believe, but I am expressing to you, that not only are we being contacted by other life forms but they are very involved with trying to help us balance out not only what we have done to ourselves but also what we have done to mother earth. There are more than one or two types of beings that are in contact with us and this will be well known and understood in the very near future.
 Many spiritual people connecting on the Internet, are waking up to this and it seems, so long as your open to the possibility that we were, not only misinformed but flat out lied to, about the existence of other life forms out there, that with a little research on your own, you will easily awaken you to the truth.  Think about it, what could possibly make us think that we could be the only life forms out here. This is a very massive galaxy with many, many planets in it. It almost seems ignorant to believe we are the only ones experiencing life.
Here are some flat out truths in regards to other life forms, their existence, and their contact with humans;
- Aliens have made contact on many occasions with not only average civilians, but with high ranking government officials
-There have been and still are abductions taking place of not only humans but animals as well
-These other life forms are and always have been involved with not only our creation but our evolution
-Contact and sighting are becoming so numerous that the government can no longer keep it from the public
-The Government will be coming out with the truth very soon, the whole truth will be known before long.
I will write further articles on this very important subject over the next while. This subject runs very deep and the truth needs to be told, I will break this topic into smaller parts in order to keep the articles shorter in length. As for now I encourage everyone to start doing some research on your own. Start looking on you tube for things such as E.T.'s, Mayan calendar, aliens and government. Use your own judgement as to which information and videos are a reliable source. Remain open to the possibility that anything is possible in this magnificent experience called life.