Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Connect with the spiritual like-minded

Connecting with spiritually like minded people is like sitting back with old friends, where you can truly be yourself and feel at the very least a little more understood. Some times when you are compelled to follow your spiritual path or Divine instincts, many of the people around you, including friends and family can't understand why are the way you are or relate to the changes going on with in you. his can feel very lonely and challenging when it comes to speaking your truth and having someone understand where you are coming from.

This is why it is so important to find and connect with people of like mind. People who are also consciously on their spiritual path. They can relate to the same struggles you are, they may have some really great information to help you along you way, they may carry a piece of the puzzle you have been searching for, they may be able to just listen and truly understand where you are coming from. It is hard to feel alone and different in this world. Everyone should feel understood, unfortunately many do not.

Here is my suggestion to help you connect with other people on their spiritual journey.....

Face book, it is my number one suggestion. If you friend search words such as spiritual, ascension, light worker, star seeds, healing, Divine, there are literally thousands of spiritual accounts with so much information and love and support, you may feel more connected with others who understand the way you see things, almost immediately.

You may find it challenging at first to find some of these accounts, but they are there lots of them. Here is a tip, only request a couple at a time as face book does not like when you add 'people you don't know'', and if you add too many at a time they will give you a time out (lol) and block you from sending friend requests for 2 days. So only one or two in a day and you will be fine.

 Good luck to you, on your spiritual journey and feel free to connect on face book and other social sites listed just below.......  Spirituality In You.

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