Tuesday, April 19, 2011

God is within you.

Think about this, if you go to the ocean and scoop a cup of  water from it, is that cup of water still part of the ocean ? Would you still call it the ocean ? After all, it was the ocean just before you scooped it, and when you pour it back, it immediately returns back into the ocean when it hits the water.

Well the same analogy can be used for us. We were created from God energy. We are the same energy as this divine energy, we are a piece of it. If we were created from this energy and instantly return to this energy when our soul leaves this body you are in now, are we not that Divine God energy ?

YES WE ARE ! We have the ability to heal and create, manifest, and connect to energy. We are energy. We are very powerful beings of energy. We are starting to wake up and realize who and what we are.

We are never to fear God, for He is within us. We are this energy God and we are connected as a one consciousness. We all have the ability to create our reality and the once feared God needs to be seen as the beautiful energy that He is. We are a tiny part of this whole energy. It is a good reminder that what we do to and for ourselves effects the whole. Every being carries the same energy. Everything is energy. Everything is connected. This includes everything we can see, hear, touch , smell, taste, and sense.

God energy, Spirit, Christ, Jesus, Budda, creative source, which ever you wish to call it, it is within us. This energy gives us great amounts of strength, that the minority are starting to realize. It won't be long until the majority realize and awaken to there true being. It is like being reborn when you see the God within you.

You become authentically empowered. It is a learning process, awakening takes time. We have been kept from this information for thousands of years. We are learning all over again, while having to UN learn everything we have been taught prior. What a beautiful process it is, not an easy one, but one worth going the extra mile for.

Remember we are the as the water scooped from the ocean, only temporarily separated but still a piece of the whole.

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