Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get out of the ''poor me'' pattern, and fast.

 Falling into a ''poor me'' pattern can not only detrimental to your outside experiences, it can and will have a detrimental effect on your physical, mental, emotional, and psychological health. It is easy to slip into these times of self-pity. We all do it. What matters is how long we choose to remain here, and our choice of action and change of thoughts used to release us from it.

We all go through really tough and challenging times and sometimes it seems as though it will never let up, but these are just stepping stones on your way to evolving into a more responsible, better decision making, spiritual being. When these challenges come along, it is an opportunity to help push you along, giving you the choice to do things differently than before in order to get a different and more positive result. If you find yourself asking ''why me ?'' I offer you this thought.... Well why not ?

You are just as important as everyone else, and you deserve the opportunity to become a better person, to be given  the chance to see how strong you really are. These hard times are really big opportunities, so long as you don't start feeling sorry for yourself and get into a poor me frame of mind. This will do no good, for you create your reality with your thoughts and if you think poor me, the universe will give you more things to say poor me over, until you take the opportunity being offered to you, and realize it is not poor you, it is you being giving a choice to remain where you are or to evolve into your true potential.

So make it easier on yourself and choose to see the opportunity, rather than being stuck on ''poor me''
We would never know how strong and capable we are, unless we were put through challenges to show us.