Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How can I tell if I am awakening spiritually?

You reading this, and this alone tells you there is a degree of awakening with in you. You are searching for answers, you may not even be sure of what your questions are, but you feel the urge to search for who you are, the true essence of your being. When you begin to awaken it can feel confusing, overwhelming, you will usually end up with more questions as you receive your answers.

There is a lot that has been kept from us and you may feel a sense of relief as you begin to learn the truth. You may even feel upset that so much was not told to you, or you may find yourself feeling a combination of both. You may be experiencing physical symptoms along with the emotional symptoms. The physical symptoms may include fatigue, headache, rashes, unexplainable discomfort in areas of your body. This is you healing and the balancing of your energy.

Your energy is evolving to vibrate at a higher level, you are becoming less dense and more light. This creates drastic changes within your body and mind that are usually unseen but felt, or sensed by you. You may have an unquenchable thirst for spiritual knowledge, for the truth. You may feel anxious that things are happening because of the fact you can't exactly put your finger on what it is. Any of these are a sure sign you are awakening.

There is so much information out there in books, on google, and you tube. Keep searching you will find the answers and as you receive them, keep an open mind because as was mentioned before there is a lot that has been kept from us and some of the information you may come across may seem extremely far fetched. This is the truth of the matter though, is we are so much more than what we have been taught to believe.

Congratulations on your thirst for the truth. You are on the spiritual path and where it leads you, is to the truth. Keep searching for the answers, they are here, you just have to look.

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