Monday, April 4, 2011

Are you a wounded healer ?

Walking the path of a wounded healer, is a path we all walk to some degree. We are all wounded throughout our life, emotionally, physically, psychologically, etc. We all have had experiences that create a sense of pain or discomfort. This is life. This is how we progress. When we are uncomfortable we are more likely to make the necessary changes, in order to evolve into our true potential.

Where the healer part comes in, is when you teach through your personal experiences to others, helping them on their journey of healing, or in moments of un-clairity, trauma, or uncertainty.  If you were to ask someone for help, would you not prefer the person who has lived through the experience themselves, who has the personal experience and first hand knowledge of what it is like to go through what ever you are requesting help with ?  Of course. This is not to say that others without the personal experience would not have a lot to offer you, but to have someone who understands emotionally, physically, mentally, first hand of what it feels like to help you, gives you a feeling of being understood.

When approached by someone, and asked to help them with something, it is comforting not only to them, but you also, to know that, you really can give you some good advice to your inquirer. You remember what it feels like to go through something like that. You've been through that or something very similar to that, and have come out more knowledgeable than before. You now have knowledge or experience that gives you the ability to teach freely to those who need it.

To share your hard times with another soul who is suffering similar to the way you did, creates a compassion within you that really connects you to the other person. You understand how they are feeling. You remember vividly what it felt like to be in their shoes, the fears, the sadness or grief, the humiliation, the pain, but most of all, you remember how you came through it a better, more capable person, with the ability to help someone else because of your experience.

When your calling in life is to help others you may find that a lot of  ''stuff '' ''happens'' to you, and around you. I believe this is to increase your ability to fully understand and relate to those who come to you for help. If a healers life were all peachy keen, how would we possibly know what others are truly going through. Our understanding of each other would be so limited. Our view would be limited, flat, one dimensional, only knowing what they have expressed to us.

When we have lived through the experience ourselves, our view is more three dimensional. We were there, we experienced it, we got through it, and now we have the ability to share what we have learned to others, who are battling similar situations. You can give them hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that they can get through this and come out a better person from it.

The path of the wounded healer, is not an easy road to walk, but it is one with the greatest of rewards. To help another soul, someone who is seeking the rare information you have accumulated as a wounded healer, through your unique experiences, is the most wondrous feeling. When you have shared your time and knowledge to someone in need, that in itself is special.

If your fortunate enough to be around to see how your gift of sharing, helped to start, or ease the healing process in that person, that is a gift within a gift, for seeing another benefit from your trying times, makes the trying times easier to accept, for you are not only benefiting yourself by working through such situations, but you now have the experience from it and can help to heal someone else who needs it.

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