Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are we ever given more than we can handle ?

Sometime life becomes so filled with surviving the overload of overwhelming feelings and situations, that the urge to run away or give up is starring you in the face. There are times in every ones lives that things seem to pile up so high that you feel as though you can't possibly manage it all. Well there's an old saying that couldn't ring more true to these are never given more than you can handle. This is so true.

When you are experiencing a chain of really difficult events, there is always away to get through it, for the only reason you are experiencing this , is to give you the opportunity to make changes, to show you how capable you really are, and that hard work always pays off. Although it almost seems unfair you are experiencing all of it at once, or in a very short period of time, but if you were not challenged, how else would you see how strong you really are ?  Not to mention that all of the challenging things you are going through are also for your benefit in the way that, the changes will bring you to where you need to be in order to manifest to your full potential .

 Look into your past to see where you had experienced a really difficult time in your life, where you thought you would never get through, then look for the changes that happened within you or your life because of it. Here is an example.....You get laid off from you job, come home to find out you pet cat has passed away, the following day one of your parents falls ill and ends up in the hospital, two days later your girl/boyfriend leaves you, and you are left feeling as though the rug has been pulled out from your feet. When look at the whole picture and understand, when things like this happening one after another, consciously be aware of the fact that more than likely you are going through a major shift in your life.

With a little patience, you may find a few weeks later, while your visiting your ill parent at the hospital, you bump into a potential mate for yourself, and after exchanging numbers, you find out her cat just had kittens, and shes giving them away for free, and their brother works in the same field as you and informs you of a job opening. Before you know it your parent has recovered, your engaged, have two new cats, and a new job with better hours and pay, and all is not only well again but even better than before.

Although we cannot always know when and how things will work out, THEY ALWAYS DO. Stay positive and look at the bigger picture and ask yourself why you are having these experiences and what possible positive changes are they trying to bring into your life.

You can bet it will be good.

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