Friday, April 15, 2011

MANIFESTING - How it works.

Manifestation is creation of your thoughts into your reality. Everyone does it, whether they are aware they are doing it or not. In fact right now the majority of humans are creating their reality unconsciously. Which  really is quite a shame because when you create your reality consciously you are manifesting with intent. When you manifest with intent, you are focused on what you want and are prepared and understand the work necessary for it to manifest.

Ask yourself what you would like to manifest into your life, maybe a new home, a new job, a partner to share your life with, you can create anything within our human capabilities into your life. What ever thoughts your mind hold the longest and strongest are the thoughts that will jump start what you manifest into your life. Your actions that follow are what will help steer you in the direction of what you are thinking. This is true whether you usually hold positive thoughts, or negative ones. To the world of manifestation it really doesn't matter, it just waits for the strongest thought vibration to come along and begins to create what you are thinking.

When you become conscious of the thoughts you have throughout your day, alot of you may be surprised about how many negative thoughts cross your mind in a short period of time. No worries though, with practice over time you can train yourself to hold positive thoughts on a regular basis. When you catch yourself having a negative thought, just change it to a positive one right away. Don't disregard any thoughts that cross your mind, just let them pass, do not dwell on them if you find them to be negative or not benefit your well being.

Do however, hold your positive thoughts, the ones you would like to see manifest. Hold them near and dear to your heart. Hold them strong in your consciousness and see them manifesting. Do the work necessary for the things you want to see created in your life. Manifestation is a combination of thoughts and actions. Seeing as we are always thinking, we might as well use it to our advantage to create our deepest desires consciously, rather than creating all ''willy nilly'' unconsciously. Good luck !!

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